I Have Had Enough!

I have a husband who is the biggest liar. Ever since we got married, I have helped him handle his finances because he gives me the lame reason of not earning enough. Since I come from a pretty stable family, I have all the support from my family. For two years, I had to buy groceries and stuff while he gambled his money away. I don't hold any of his bank cards and he says he manages his finances so well. He loaned a lot of money without me knowing and I didn't know where the money went. When he recently lost his job, he blamed me for his financial situation because I did not agree to him filing for another loan! This stupid guy couldn't and never did math - His money is never enought to pay his debts, and now he is so damn hard to deal with because he is so miserable with all his payables. I am so sick of dealing with his crap, and I refuse to help him out with his problems. I am now regretting that I did not leave him earlier on when our daughter was still small. Besides, he never bought her anything except for a toy when she was still a baby! Ugh! I am so tired and so sick of his ways that I no longer feel anything for him! I can't even stand to be in the room with him. I am so miserable in the hell that he created that I am already thinking that I need to be in a happier place elsewhere!

Now I can clearly see how irresponsible he is. He even threatened me saying that he will fix his problems without consulting me, which means it is another bad financial decision. Over the years he has earned the reputation for that. He even sold our old car because he needed money. He said with the promotion that he got from his work, he may need to get a new one so that he can pay off some of his debts. The bastard sold our old car and bought a top of the line car that he can barely afford to pay! I did not talk to him for weeks. I am seriously thinking that I have no future with him. Sometimes, I would just stare at his face while sleeping and I would wonder when I would ever get out of this mess!

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2 Responses Mar 16, 2010

Make him wear the dresses at home and turn him into a maid to serve you.

i read your comment and thought that its kinda like my situation i keep saying to my self that my husband is a good man and i know he loves me but i think its because im his rescuer, when we got engaged he took out a loan on the house to buy ring i didnt know this, if i had i would have went balistic, then he insisted on all these things and having to invit this person and that one to our wedding which I paid for, i bought our wedding rings, yes the recession hit us hard as he was a joiner and lost alot of work so his part time career was all he had a few hours a month so i picked up the slack and paid for everything but little did i know he had taken out a 17000 loan right before wedding which is 365 per month for 4 years we are screwed,, he recently got a job 30 hrs a week but complains its not enough so i told him to go online and see what other work is out there , he always says i wont travel far there is no work , always an answer before he looks, we had an accident last year and got money back to get 2 cars he picked a bmw and left me with micra i had to finance for the next 3 years because he wanted it, i threw him out 3 months ago and after 2 weeks he promised he would change i cut up his credit cards and my mother helped him get out of some debt , but then this week he sold some scrap metal and a phone and handed me 30 pounds out of it for myself ugggg am i wrong in thinkin he should have handed it all to me and said what bill needs to be paid as i only last week paid a phone bill for him for 120 pounds, am i crazy or is he never going to change, im feeling the same way you are and cant figure out whether im giving up on him or i should stick it out too, its so difficult