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My husband and I have been married for 3 years and unfortunately all 3 of those years have been spent with his annoying mutt! He got it before we started dating as a way to cope with loneliness and I am so sad that I hadn't just met him earlier! This dog barks at every little noise it hears, begs for attention all the time, but is afraid of it's own shadow. I really tried to accept him (the mutt) before we were married and think I have made some progress in the 5 years that I've been with my husband, but there is still a long way to go. There are literally some times I wish the dog would just fall out and die (sounds harsh but its true). I am 2 months pregnant with our first child and the thought of this stupid dog waking up our baby after I've just put her down for a nap drives me absolutely crazy!!! I hate it so much when I'm trying to cuddle with my husband and he invites the dog to sit on the couch with us, I mean, seriously - UN-SEXY!! My in-laws would gladly take the dog if we asked them to but I know my husband won't part with it until it dies. I looked up the life expectancy of the breed so here's to another 5+ years most likely :(
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I also absolutely hate my hubs dog. He's a terrier and had him rescued. I'm the main one here with it because my husband works two jobs. I have 2 toddlers and pregnant with third boy! My eldest son whoae about to be 3 in May is in that terrible phase and this annoying dog had the audacity to pick up on my sons terrible behaviour. My son is smart and picks up on things so tries to sneak around my back to do something bad and now this dog does too! I've been the one who feeda everyone and takes care and I even try to train this dog. But I swear when I discipline this dog he bites me and growls and when my husband comes back from a long day, the ungrateful mutt gets so excited and won't listen when he's told to stop and sometimes he wakes up oyr youngest this dog is driving me crazy!! I have talked to hubs about it but he always just insists on a trainer. Fine but when the hell is that ever going to happen? I keep putting up with this dog's ****. He's outside now because he decided to bite me for trying to teach him to stay and now he's barking at birds most likely and he's so annoying! This is why I never wanted a rescue dog. I don't have the time or patience to deal with the dogs issues and my husband works all day. And it just seems like this dog isn't going anywhere till he kicks it which most likely won't be for another 10-12 years :(

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I have the same problem I've been married to my husband for only 3 years we got the dog just last year and I regret it so much
I didn't want to get him in the first place cause I think we weren't ready to even have a pet cause we don't even have our own place yet, but he ended up convincing me and here he is and I cant stand him I dislike that dog so much I think its because all the love he gives the dog makes me jealous it gets me so mad when he gets home from work and he greets the dog first, like seriously it seems like he cares more about that animal than he does for me and he's daughter. The other day we went for a walk of course with the dog and a couple came up to us and told us that the dog looked so much to the one they had lost, my husband replied "No this is my dog" and they eventually walked away, after that I told him what would he have done if they tried to take the dog from him he said "I would fight back then I told him "but what if he pulled a weapon out" and he replied "I still wouldn't let him go" I was shocked he really doesn't even care about putting himself or even me in danger just for that stupid dog I was so angry I felt like getting the dog and leaving him there to get lost (I would never actually do that though) but I don't know what to do I really don't want to have that dog around in out family anymore what should I do the dog is a husky he's a really nice dog but I just dislike him so much

I absolutely feel for all of you. Here is my story: My husband has had this dog (a Cocker Spaniel) since he was a teenager and the dog is now about 11 years old. The dog was living with my mother in law but when she moved out of the country we had to take him in. My husband is not very happy about living with the dog either, he is old and very smelly, but he loves him and doesn't know what to do with him. Plus he has an eye problem so his eyes look very gross all the time. On top of everything he has diarrhea today and did it in the house and he threw up on my bed yesterday! Most Cocker Spaniels only live to 11 so I know he doesn't have much left, but I just really really do not want to take care of him until he passes away. Even when I wash him once a week, or more sometimes, the disgusting smell wont go away. Know I know these problems don't sound so bad but we live in a studio apartment and I already have a small Yorkie. I just don't want to live with him and I don't know what to do. I think my husband would put him down if I asked him to but that would just make me feel awful. Someone help!!!

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I hate my husbands dog. I think it's because my husband loves the dog so much. Like I see the twinkle in his eye when he looks at him. Tells the dog all the time how much he loves him. More than he tells me. And there's other factors he sheds so much, drools all over the floors, smells terrible, when he poops he still has poo on his butt. I'm just so tired of my husband coming home and greeting the dog first. Caring so much about the dogs feelings and his well being. Like really I bend over backwards and do sexual tricks do I need to start barking too. Talks about the dog all the time. Tells me I'm not a dog person because I don't want my house smelling like a kennel and hair everywhere. I clean my house, my husband doesn't have to lift a finger. I can't wait until the dog is gone, I'm not going to say dead but just gone. I'm driving myself crazy.

I know this post is old. But I have to let my frustation out in some form so I Googled and here I am. My husbands dog is about 10 years old and I will say that I am an animal lover, but I am allergic. That being said my life is torture everyday. My husband loves his dog and I can't ask him to get rid of him. But I did ask for the last 2 years we have been living together to please bathe him and brush him regularly so my allergy isn't so bad. But every day I wake up and want to rip my face off. My husband goes months without washing him or brushing him. He's a huge golden so he sheds like crazy. And I try to keep the house clean but low and behold more hair everywhere. He also goes months and months without cleaning up the dogs poop in the yard. Ive talked to him. I've yelled at him. I've cleaned up the **** myself. Even had a freaking allergy attack trying to brush and bathe the dog myself. I am literally feeling like I don't matter. Like he doesn't understand how strongly I feel about this. We have kids, so leaving him makes it hard, but I still think about it. Our only issue is his lack of taking care of the dog. I don't know what else to do. Yes I knew he had the dog when we were married and I suffered through the allergies to spend time with him at his house prior to me moving in. However I thought he would make good on his promise to take better care of him.

I don't hate my husbands dog, but that dog didn't grew up with me. He will not listen or follow my commands. My husband live him and doesn't understand how that dog just ignores me most of the time. the thing is that under my care the dam dog run away. I upset because my husband is sad about his doggy of 7 years, but truly deep in I don't want to have anyone else in the house that he cares so much for. my husband even wanted me to go and search for it when it was freaking cold outside and I was recovering from surgery.

Have you never stopped to realize that animals are living beings with feelings and attachment? (and so is your husband you selfish selfish shallow sad little person) you don't really deserve either one - shocking that you're having a baby now too - god fobid the little terror starts to cry and disturb your programs on the tv - What are you going to do about the little brat when you want to get sexy with your husband - lock it in a closet (put it up for adoption?) Read some of Temple Grandin's studies on animal bonds and watch unlikely animal friendships - maybe you're the one without any feelings?

Go **** yourself you bleeding heart ****

Dogs are NOT humans! Not everyone is a dog person! Get over it! I am so sick of people acting as if these dogs are their "babies"! I just had a baby and there is nothing like it in this whole wide world. My husband has 2 dogs one is 10 and the other 3 and I cannot stand them!

Yes, why do people treat dogs like humans. I don't get it. I'm getting ready to tell my husband to screw his dog doggy style and stick his **** in his mouth. Since he loves him so much.

She didn't said she hates the dog neither did she harmed dog in any way! The fact is that dogs are really smelly, they demand atention all the time, bark, chew things, pee and poop inside, shed a lot.. Dogs are simply not great for living indoors and i don't see the reason to judge her? In fact i don't get it how some people don't understand her situation or even worse tell bad things based on what she wrote here. She has husband who neglects her daily, and as far as i know marriage is comitment between woman and man not a DOG! So get over with it, leave the woman alone and get a life!

Kids an spouses come first! Family trumps a stupid dog! How ignorant of you to post such stupidity!

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Me too My husband had a Pug when we got together and he is a really sweet and annoying little dog who whines, barks, and poos all over the floor I can not count the amount of times I have stepped in pee puddles I sometimes fantasize that he eats poison and dies and I never have to smell poo again

I feel relief knowing that I am not the only one who hate's my husband's dog and reading everyone's story is like they are living exactly what i'm going through. The story goes... We have a some kind of spaniel mix dog that was given to us by my brother in law maybe 2 months ago and like others have said, at first it was cute but now it is a living nightmare! When my brother in law gave us this dog I agreed to take it in because I knew my husband grew up with dogs and is a huge dog lover and also felt bad because he took in my cats when we got together. However, we live in an apartment and that little **** ****** and ***** everywhere even after taking it outside 2 consecutive times for an hour. I don't allow her in the bedroom because we have carpet and she pees on it when we are sleeping but she scratches at door and whines and even at the front door when we are gone that she now has scratched and broken pieces off the front door, I can't get a goodnight's rest because by 3am or 4am she is whining to get in or that she has to pee or poop. She stinks even after we have bathed her and sheds way more than my cats, so I have these huge dog hairs on all my clothes not even my cats shed this bad! She is also so clingy it's annoying as hell! She follows you everywhere and jumps on your legs, scratches and bites your feet/toes them even after you've scolded her not to do it and I can not get cuddle time in with my husband without this little **** whining to get in between us. It has gotten so bad that my husband and I have gotten into arguements because of her and he has even agreed to give her away but I always end up feeling horrible and bad because i know he's already gotten too attached to her, i'm afraid he'll resent me and look at my as an evil b* which i'm already sure he is starting to see me that way. I really really try hard to love her but I look at that stupid "innocent" face she puts on and I instantly am in a bad mood. She looks sweet and innocent to everyone and I'd love to tell them "if you really find her adorable please take her!" but i know my husband would be heart broken. I have found myself just wishing she would die of natural causes or leaving the door open so she can leave but that whiny **** already knows where we live. So now i'm just counting down the years for this thing to just die. I do feel bad for the dog because i'm sure she knows i hate her and she has to live with me also but idk how long I can take this!

My husband had a dog and I ended up taking care of it,I just told him that she is his dog and if he can't do most if not all the work then she had to go. Normally I would not have minded, but working nights and having a toddler to care for during the day and take care of a farm,it was to much. We did sell her.
I would first say how you don't want to deal with the dog and see if you can come up with a compermize. Its better to say how ou feel and give the persn a chance to think about it. Remember guys need it spelled out simply and given a little time to sink in,guys don't get hints very well......at least all the ones I have been around.
You know my husband and I made a deal that if he put his laundry in the laundry basket everyday,I would give p having the cat and dog in our room,but I also told him if he did not keep his end of the bargen,I would not have to either. So I think its a good way to deal with things that way and when my husband get made I allow them in I remind him of the deal and that ends it right there.

I thinking on divorce. Because is impossible to live with someone who love animals and you don't... I'm dying... :-(

I totally understand!!! I'm in the same boat. I am, as we speak, looking for a hotel to stay the night in. My husbands dog snores so loud that even in the laundry room with the door closed and I am up stairs......the dog still keeps me up! I don't get any sleep! He thinks its cute.....told me to get ear plugs! We have only been married a few months and we don't even sleep together any more...............ugh I am OVER it!

i am SOOOOO to know that i am not the only person who feels this way. my boyfriend and i have been living together for 6 years. his moms friend got him a miniature pinscher dog as a gift. at first it was ok. i mean not ok but i could tolerate it. now im ready to throw the stupid thing outside!!!! we have to crate her at night because she ***** and ****** all over my house (after taking her out before we got to bed)!!!!! then she cries & howls all night long cause she doesnt want to sit in their cause she ****** and ***** in their. she lays all over my funiture even pissed on it!!!!! barks at nothing, i just HATE HER!!!!!!!!!! and he has a bengal cat. who if anybody has one they know how annoying they are. he cries all day everyday, gets on my counter, on my table, drinks outta my toilet, sits on my kitchen sink to drink the tap water out of the faucet. im just overly annoyed with these f**king pets and my boyfriend wonders why im a ***** all the time!!! im over it. but if you break up with someone over pets. that just doesnt even seem right to me. i LOVE my boyfriend with all my heart nd were planning on getting married in march. i just dont know what to do anymore!! so ANNOYED&CONFUSED :(:(

I am so glad I am not the only one out there. I loved my family dog growing up but am now forced to live with my husbands annoying as hell puggle. Super high energy, arrogant and stubborn little pain in my a!! I totally find myself counting down the years until he dies. I too have had unnatural thoughts of "fixing" the problem lol. Husband can't understand at all!!!!! Im at my wits ends sometimes. I don't ever want to have a baby in our house with this little devil dog. It just constantly causes a fight with no resolution. Out carpets are always caked in disgusting fur, he barks at every little creak or crack the house makes. I grew up with outdoor dogs. I don't want to vacuum everyday. I don't want to walk a dog everyday (I can't even remember the last time my husband walked him) this is why I didn't get a dog. I was forced to have this one. We plan on having kids in about 2 years and this dog is going to be with me 24hrs a day!!!! I'm either miserable with the dog or miserable bc my husband and I are fighting. There's no solution.

Wow, I thought I was the only person in the world to have these evil thoughts about our pitbull mix. We have two other dogs that I adore dearly, except for Olive. We've had her since she was 6 months old and she was sweet, but her destructive behavior started about a year after we took her a$$ in! In the 5 years we've had her she has repeatedly dug up and torn out our backyard drip system...to the point that I just gave up replacing them. Her filthy urine has killed most of my lawn. She drinks like a friggin racehorse and goes thru water like crazy, so use your imagination as to what my lawn looks like. I'm sick of unburying her nasty poop or vomit that she buries in piles with her nose every damn time she does her business or throws up! She's a finicky a@@ eater. I watch her every night moving her food around in her bowl with her nose...like she's trying to bury something in it, but there's nothing there, except for dry kibble. Did I also mention that because she's afraid of any light breeze or wind, we've had to replace our back door several times because of how bad she tore it up...to the point that she tore her gums and bled all over our back porch! Imagine her during a thunderstorm? Any noise sets her off...she's even afraid of our neighbors whenever they're out socializing in their OWN backyard! If my kids are out playing with our other 2 dogs and petting them, she tries to hump on our dogs...weird since they're all females.I swear she's the worst guard dog EVER...if my kids(Lord forbid) were to get kidnapped in front of her, she'd likely turn around and run away from the intruders! No joke! My little dachshund has more balls than she does and would protect us from anyone or anything without even thinking twice, but this *****(no pun intended) would likely cower behind our oleanders, until she would feel safe to come out. I've tried to love her, but I can't find it in my heart. I often wish that I find her dead of natural causes or that I could open the gate and let her go, but my conscience doesn't allow me to do that. The same goes for giving her up to the pound..I just can't find it in me to do it, but this relationship between us certainly can't be healthy for either one of us. I've never laid a hand on her, because I could never do that either. I HATE HER SO MUCH and I don't know what to do.

omg, I totally feel for you. This dog thing is an inconvenience to your lifes, you did not agree together to have this filthy creature. I am in the same boat, basically and am counting down the breed's lifespan. And i am a very nice person, that loves animals!!! But I had nooooooooooooo idea of the effort it takes to have a dog much less the hygenics.<br />
I wish you well, my friend, I am travelling the same path, as we are putting up with this discomfort, we are the victims of being forced into a relationship of taking care of filthy beasts when we did not want this!

Well...it's amazing how people change. I used to love dogs, a lot!! I don't hate them now but I don't want them near me anymore. I already decided a while ago that I am not intending to spend time suffering.If I have a problem, I take care of it. If my husband has a dog then he need to take care of it- not me. If the dog needs to go out, it's on him. Need food and water- on him. If something happens in the house, he needs to clean. If not, then he will find his dog hair in his plate or on his shirt. If the dog pooped in the house then the poop will be transferred near his shoes. Until he gets it, that it's not a toy and it's not like when we were five when we wanted something and mom took care of it after. No need to kill the poor dog, just to turn your husband's life impossible to a point that he will get rid of the dog.

My god I never knew there were such callous and heartless people in this world. How anyone could think about a dog dying just to avoid cleaning up a mess, or dealing with barking is absolutely beyond me. I just thank god there are husbands like all of yours that have a firm grip on what is important and what is just shallow.

My husband has two small breed dogs. One is completely arthritic and the only things he does that drives me insane is mark territory (including our babies toys!) and urinates on the carpet when we aren't looking, the other dog is a sneaky little brat! (I call her a Brat Terrier instead of a Rat Terrier which is her breed) The other dog will not only urinate on the carpet, but will sneak off into a corner or behind something (the hiding and sneaking is because she KNOWS she is doing something bad) and poop, she also will wait until no one is looking and get up on top of the dining room table to eat what is there. She has on occasion also snipped at my second oldest son and drew blood on his finger when he was trying to pet her and tried to dig her way out from under the fence when she is out in the yard. Her pooping on the floor and getting up on the table are the two things that send me up the wall.

I completely empathize with all of you, I am not in near the dire situation that some of you are in but here is my story...I have the most amazing French Bulldog, he is perfect, for me:-) I met my husband and he agreed that this Frenchy is near perfect, so much so that I begin to feel bad for my husband (a dog lover) because he had wanted a Brittany and even had one before, but it disappeared when someone else was watching it for him. Soo I said one day (if only I could take the day back) lets see if there are any Brittany breeders near by, maybe we could go look at some...so we ended up with this Brittany. My husband assured me that his dog was a great dog that it was chill and mainly went from one room to the next. He understood I DID NOT want a high energy dog that needed a great deal of attention. The Brittany was a horror day one...he would scream/bark at least 3x a night and would poop/pee everywhere, truly horrific. My problem is that this Brittany rules this house to the point that me and my husband are beginning to be in separate rooms, him with his dog me with mine. This Brittany can't even be left outside without being destructive. I wonder if my quality of life is less important than this dogs? I just want peace when I am at home, not chaos. I am afraid my husband will resent me and the Frenchy if we find the dog another home. I'm afraid that 5 months isn't enough time to properly assess the situation and maybe I am being hasty..IDK..another part says 5 months is enough!! BTW I work and am finishing my masters degree, don't have any kiddos yet but not sure I want one after this.

I have to say all of these stories made me solemnly agree to the T. I, too, absolutely detest my husband's dogs. They jump on our guests, bark at every moving ob<x>ject, have seperation anxiety worse than an only child and mark in the house if you upset them. They suck at traveling, tearing up my seats and drooling all over the windows and nobody will babysit them because of the previously listed problems. While rat poisening, bleaching or letting them run off sounds so tempting in my darkest moments I know that I could never do it because my husband loves the stupid sh**s. My only possible chance out of this is that they act out while I'm pregnant. I've started to warn my husband that if they jump on me, push on my stomach, or tackle me when I'm the floor they are gone. If they snip at a child, tear up toys that aren't theirs or bark after the kid is down for a nap they are gone. If you start saying that its a concern now it gives you a better chance when the time (hopefully) comes. <br />
My only other day dream is to hire kidnapper... dognapper? Pay somebody to kidnap the dogs and place them in better homes where both parents will love them and have time to play with them. I will pay said napper 6 months prior so I can be surprised as well... again this is sadly just a day dream but it does make me feel better that there are other woman out there that are suffering these penis licking, anal sniffing, drooling, barking, smelling, pieces of .... ya, you understand. -sigh- husband dog haters unite.

I sympathize with all of you, but I'm sick of complaining to myself and to my mom. I need SOLUTIONS! Don't you all? I think we should all post here a list about what to do and then each of us can decide what can we do. Maybe what I come up with may not me very useful to me but for some of you will be. Let me first tell you my situation: like some of you, the damn dog came into my husband's life few months before me. When I came to visit I hated it but I used to think that it wasn't my problem because it wasn't my house. Then we got married and guess what? It became my house. Besides the huge amount of money that we spend on his stupid food and the toys that don't last more than 3 days, now he messes up the clothes that I wash. And like someone said, my husband just yells at the dog. Doesn't work. I used to think that I would come to love him or at least get a little bit attached, but that hasn't happened. So, my list of things to do is:<br />
*Kill the damn dog - I don't have the heart to do this, even when I hate it, I get that is not his fault that I hate him, he just doesn't understand and I'm not willin to teach him because I don't even now how. However, I saw some severe cases here so just consider: there is poison for rats, something in the food, in the water... accidentally drop some bleach or something like that. Like I said, I couldn't do this but we all have thought about it at least once.<br />
*Let it "escape" - By accident maybe leave the door open, but this won't work if the dog knows its way home, so careful with this.<br />
*Give him away and pretend it escaped - With this you should know the person you're giving it to but be careful they won't tell your husband or even better if your husband and that person don't have any contact at all.<br />
*Become allergic to them - Actually I'm supposed to be allergic to its hair, so I'm thinkin to use this. <br />
<br />
I hope this help some of you. Good luck

I've thought about letting her escape but my husband says if one of the dogs escapes there will be severe payments (up to divorce I'm guessing). I would say he values them more than his family.

I hate my husband's dog, too, in fact I just googled the life expectancy a few minutes ago! My biggest problem is the guilt that I feel for hating the dog, it's not his fault he gets stuck being cared for by a dog hater. The thing is, I just hate dogs. I was forced to care for my mom's dogs for years and I just really hate caring for dogs, and ESPECIALLY resent caring for other people's dogs. My comfort lies in two things: the dog probably only has 3 years or so left, and my husband has cheerfully agreed to never own another dog. I just wish I could get my husband to take better care of him, walk him more often and bathe him and stuff. I know the dog needs it but I'm not willing to do it, so not only do I have to live with a dog, I have to live with an ill-behaved overweight stinky dog. I talk myself out of feeling guilty for not doing these things myself by remembering that he lives like a king compared to a stray! Can I just vent a little more? I HATE DOGS! :)

Wow...I can sympathize with all of you, except maybe the girl who said she lives with her fiancee's older sick dog which would be so sad and I would take it to the vet myself. I might say "It's either the dog or me" saying at that point because I love my dog and could never bare to see any dog in that much pain...I don't care how upset my husband was. He would get over it. Sorry...just trying to voice how much I love dogs, animals all the same. Except I can't stand his dog. It's this little, nasty dog that sniffs its *** all the time ....seriously, it has some horrible habit or something wrong with it that it makes me CRAZY!!! I'm finding myself becoming a mean person over this damn dog...wanting to hit the dog ...but I don't just thinking about it makes me upset. Do any of you have these thoughts? Like when she gets on the guest bed and knows she's not aloud to be up there but because when she lived with him and his ex-wife and was aloud on the furniture (over 5 years ago) and was able to will still do it here. His parents love her and I want him to give her to them and he is even sick of her and she spends a lot of time in the cage except when I'm taking the dogs out for the bathroom or in the evenings at times. He won't though because his parents don't take good care of dogs and he doesn't want that for his dog. SO GIVE HER TO A GOOD HOME UGGGHHH!!! I'm so sick of it being me that cleans up after her and takes her out all the time and pays the vet bills and has to watch her sniff her *** all the time ....its so disgusting. And then he holds her on the couch or in his arms like she's his baby....oh MAKE ME SICK!!! Okay I think I've said enough.

I feel your pain- have going through a dog issue as well. It seems that anytime I express concern I am the mean person who has no compassion for dogs. My fiancee's is a 14 year old retriever that I bet was a fun pet back in the day. Now he has developed progressive back leg nerve damage (sometimes can't move), ***** and ****** all over the place multiple times per day, chews up/ destroys anything he can reach, and wakes up barking at least 3 times per night. His ex wife had the dog up until recently and was ready to put him asleep buy my fiancee felt the dog is in good shape and wanted to bring him home. We live nearby each other and were talking about moving in but this has crossed the line on what I can compromise with! i have 2 small birds and this dog will kill them in a minute (if he can see well enough to find them) and I don't want a new place destroyed by the **** and ****! Plus, selfish as I beleive my fiancee thinks this is, I do like my sleep and would really resent being woken up 3 time (or more) per night indefinitely. Anyways, i didn't realize how much a dog could influence a relationship though I sure can appreciate it now! Good luck to all of you in a similar situation!

You have my deepest sympathy - my husband has two huge stinking Akitas that are allowed the run of the house & when I come home at weekends I spend one day out of two free days cleaning up thier hair, slobber & pee, it drives me crazy. They pee in the garage instead of going out, get onto the leather couches & scratch them to shreads & eat my cats food, they also have chronic wind so when they are in the house they smell of rotting meat & wet jumpers<br />
<br />
They stay outside overnight (thnk goodness) & as soon as they hear somebody waking up in the house they whine like crazy & whine most of the night to come in anyway, sadly they are only 5 & 6 so it will be a while before they die, that sounds awful but I just don't see the benefit of having them, I mean why bother?... they are a stinking, time consuming, inconvenience....

I'm sorry to hear what you're going through. When I was pregnant with our daughter I really wanted to tell my husband "once the baby is here that dog is gone!" but I couldn't bring myself to say it. Why? Because I know he would resent me and probably hate me for making him give up the love of his life. <br />
My husband would have the dog cuddle with us while we were in bed! UGH! Like you I always wish the stupid thing would just die, I keep thinking I could just feed it chocolate and that would be the end but I don't want that on my conscience. Blah. <br />
<br />
Oh and you're lucky. I looked up the life expectancy of his dog and I have another 10+ years of living hell :( His dog is only 5.

I can completely and totally sympathize with you. My husband and I had been dating for about six months when he decided to get a dog. He barely had enough time to see me, let alone spend time with a dog. So guess who got all of his extra attention? On top of that, he's a rejected stud dog (because he was too dumb to do what needed to be done) and he is honestly the most retarded thing I have ever been around. He pees and poops in his cage constantly even though I take him out on a regular basis. He will drink so much water so fast that he'll throw up all over the place. Guess who has to clean up after him and take care of him? My husband is gone constantly so I have to deal with him. Husband barely even says "Hi" to the dog on a daily basis. Even worse, the dog has bitten me before when I've gone to put food down or take water away so that he doesn't drink too much. He's also jerked the leash so hard that he's pulled me out in front of a car and I was hit. What does my husband do? Yell at him. That was all. I feel like he's decided he wants this dog, but I have to take care of it even though I want nothing to do with it. I want this dog to just die. I know how horrible that sounds, but I do. I have my own dog and he is my baby. I am so close with my dog it's not even funny, but I also take care of him myself. My husband doesn't seem to get it that this dog is stressing me out way too much. His parents, brother, and friends all think this is the best dog in the world just because he's so sweet to other people and no one but me has to clean up after him on a daily basis. They just see this cute little french bulldog that loves to be petted. I just want him to die so bad. I can't handle it anymore. I really want to just give him away, but I'm afraid my husband would find out somehow.