I Dislike My Husband's Dog

I've always been a cat person & never was really into dogs. We did previously own a Shi Tzu & he passed away about 8 yrs ago. He was an awesome dog and we swore we wouldn't have anymore after that. However, about a little over a year ago, my husband really wanted to get another dog...a Springer Spaniel. I was totally against the idea & suggested we shouldn't, as dogs are a BIG responsibility and being retired, we would have to take this dog with us everywhere we go. My husband decided to get the dog anyway & now, it really stresses me out having it with us, in our home. I have told my husband this & he just thinks I'm being childish about it. I love my husband, but there's no way i will ever love that dog or care for it...he's on his own, as he wanted her & now it his total responsibility. I just find this whole issue is putting a strain on our marriage & the last thing I want is to be divorced over a damn dog!!
Michie2364 Michie2364
1 Response May 8, 2012

Me too! He doesn't understand just how miserable and resentful the dog makes me! Don't you wish they'ed take it seriously?