At The Breaking Point

So the truth is I have never been a dog lover. So what was I thinking when I agreed to let my husband adopt a pug puppy? The animal was so adorable, I couldn't say no. We trained him well and he was housebroken quickly, he hardly ever even barked. As the dog aged over the last 2 years he went from a cute puppy to an extremely smelly, annoying, ugly dog that sheds over every surface it comes in contact with and is constantly begging for attention. I don't know if my resentment for the dog started when it peed on the passenger seat of my car, or if it started when I became pregnant and the dog's odor made me want to vomit. Regardless, I hate the animal so much and I wish everyday for it to die. The only reason we still have the monster is because my husband loves it so much. As many Americans do, he thinks of the dog as a member of our family, I think of a dog as a pet, a possession and nothing more. I cringed when he suggested including it in a Christmas photo. Little does he know I fantasize about murdering it while he is away. My husband knows how I feel about the creature. He almost gave him away but backed out at the last minute for fear he would regret it. My husband doesn't understand the burden the animal has placed on me. I have to vacuum the carpeting daily and constantly deodorize it because he won't compromise to keep the dog out of the living room and away from me. We now live in an apartment without a yard so to he must be supervised every time he is let out. Our apartment building doesn't have grass, so he ***** on the neighbor's lawn which I hate allowing him to do. Because he refuses to **** while on his leash, I have to chase him down and catch him because otherwise he will wander onto the busy road. It follows me around the house and I'm always tripping over it. If he isn't getting attention he will just sit there staring at me or start licking the carpet obsessively. Maybe I am being overly harsh when I say I hate the animal, but it's how I feel. I know none of it is the dog's fault, but that doesn't change the fact that everything about it annoys me to my breaking point. I know it's my fault for allowing my husband to get a dog when I wasn't fully on board, but I did not anticipate being so annoyed by all the things that come with owning a dog.
samsonite29 samsonite29
Sep 16, 2012