I Hate Hate Hate This Dog!

I can honestly say I have never hated anything more in my life! If this dog was on fire I wouldn't spit on it to help put the fire out! I really really want him GONE!
pumpkymumky pumpkymumky
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4 Responses Jan 12, 2013

I totally can relate and I love animals

Just let em out to go bathroom and never open the door back , make it so they can get away to get picked up. That way you can really say it just never came home.

So how's it going now? Did you let him out?

I had a girl friend a really long time ago with a similar problem she had a rot-wil. anyhow it was an aweful dog trying to bite everyone and dug holes in the floor. Did I mention the floor was hardwood flooring and it dug holes in it all the way thru the ground? anyhow one day I had had enough I just opened the back door and left it open. Tech. I did nothing just left the door open. anyhow it was a dumb dog too so it just left and never came back. I guess that's a gray line but I let it out to go and it just never came back.

I wish I could! I'd be the first suspect though :(