The Husbands Damn Dog

Thank The Lord I am not alone on this. I thought I was the only one in the world that had a secret hate for dogs...especially my husbands dog. We fight about her all of the time. He had her before we were together, so at first I acted like I didn't mind the dog. I tried so so hard to love it and become a dog person, but it only resulted in me hating it more. I also resent it because we fight over her so much. I can't keep my mouth shut about her being so needy and all of the dog hair and her smell. GROSS. I am the only one who cleans and every time she comes in the house it's like I didn't even clean at all. It got so bad we made a written agreement that said he has to vacuum the downstairs 3 times a week sand if he doesn't, the dog goes back to the garage. Well, he only cleaned for about 2 weeks so I put the dog back out and he got mad. If he wants her in the house that badly, he can clean up after her. When will he get the statement, "happy wife happy home?" I know this sounds horrible to some people, but I didn't grow up with dogs. I know he had her before we met and I knew that when we got married blah blah but just clean **** up and we can move on. I want the dog gone completely, but apparently there is supposed to be the thing called compromise in a marriage.
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Wow I so feel the same!!!

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I know exactly how you feel. I was assured when we got married that my husband would clean up after his dog, since I am very allergic... and when we bought a house, the dog would move outside. None of this came true. The dog has battled me for my husband's attention for 7 years. It tramples me, it snaps at me, and I am supposed to play along in the "pack battle for superiority and fight for my place"????? I'm not interested in doing that. My husband tells me to "over-power" him, and assert my dominance... but I am not interested in sparring with a 60 lb. dog, thanks, but no thanks. I just want it out of my house, so I can keep the house clean. I don't want livestock in my house. That's just me. I'm not against anyone who does, I just don't like sharing my house with woodland creatures. The smell of dogs and cats turns my stomach. When my husband is home, he has to spend all his time outside with his dog, or his dog barks constantly making our neighbors hate us. I'm pretty miserable right now. I never thought a dog could even make me think of leaving my husband, but when I feel less important than a dog, something is not right.

I am so damn HAPPY I found this site and know I'm not alone in feeling this way!!! It's wonderful to know that I'm not the only one! I don't hate animals at all!! I find them interesting when they don't belong to anyone but the great outdoors!

It is such a relief that we share this in common. My husband has this stupid needy yellow lab that is sooooo annoying! He barks nonstop while he is away, and he farts so disgusting, he sheds so much i can literally make a coat out of it, he drinks and eats so gross, he licks his nasty balls and constantly wants to be playing fetch. Now my husband and his ex both picked this dog out together and since their divorce he stayed with the dog. Now he has this "bond" with the stupid animal that is ridiculous. its a stupid animal. Well i got tired of it so i took him a couple of blocks down the street and let him out and drove off. I figured, he's a nice looking dog, someone will take him. Hubby came home and was sad cuz he thought he ran away and didn't find his way back home. I was so happy cuz he was gone. The dog has made so many attempts to leave the yard, going under the fence, cutting his leash, digging, you name it so i figured the hubby would let it go. To my surprise he comes home with him a few days later saying some guy had it. I was furious!!!! I told him i was not going to stay in our house so long as that dog was there. I tried to like it and i just ended up resenting it. And to make matters worse, his mother tells him that the stupid dog is part of our "family" and that he needs to love it no matter what! I seriously just want to slap her like you take the damn dog then. PLEASE!!! I had to be a bit dramatic because our arguments have been either because of that stupid piece of walking hair or his son with his ex. I was so done. I was willing to let him go to get rid of that stupid dog. I laid my boundaries and he took the bait. He is getting rid of that dog and taking it to his moms house. I don't care where that dog goes as long as its not in my home!

I know this is a group for people like this, but I truly think what you did was way too cruel. You decided for your husband to get rid of HIS dog. The dog could have been hit by a car, somebody cruel could have taken the dog and tortured it, or it could have been picked up and euthanized. You hated the dog THAT much?

I get it; I get that you were annoyed and I can't blame you, nor can I say you don't have a right to your feelings, becuase you do, and they're understandable, especially when you have to put up with somebody else's dog you chose not to get yourself. Believe me, I've been living with somebody's else's dog for 9 years. Yes, hair is everywhere. it's even in our food, ice cubes, dishwasher, and refrigerator for whatever freaking reason! We can't figure it out. I feel like I want to choke the life out of that damn beagle my mother has. It's loud, embarrassing, and annoys the heck out of me, But becuase I love my mother, I respect the fact that that....animal is here with us.

I really believe you should have spoke further about this with your husband, you PARTNER in life about how you felt. Perhaps he and his ex should have took turns baby sitting the dog a few days a week. Or kept the dog outside for a few hours in the yard or tied somewhere.

I agree with FashionQuee86. What you did was cruel. I understand having hatred or despising your husband's dog, but to drive it somewhere and left it to die or fend for itself is cruel. You mentioned that your husband and his ex had the dog, so that is before you. If you hated the dog so much that you would do such a cruel thing, why did you agree to marry him? If your hatred for the dog would cause you to become the devil, than why not figure it out prior to marriage? Setting it free the way you did is just wrong. I dislike... hate.. can't tolerate my husband's dog, but never in a million years would I do what you did. You are a soul-less person.

I think my husband has the neediest dog of all. SHE DRIVES ME INSAIN i am a full time animal lover to the Max. But this dog has seizures if my husband is gone to long. She follows him EVERYWHERE. She want to be under him when we do everything. And he wonders why we dont have sex anymore. I have really want he to die already. She is a weenier and she is 13 years and just wont die. He had her way before we met. She sleeps with us for crying out loud. And in the middle of the night if i try and move her away from me she bites me and of course my husband always gets on to me for popping her. Me and my husband have a son together and his B**** ate my sons new diapers this morning and my husband says he doesnt care. She pees every where and poops on our furniture or even better she finds my blankets and poops on them. She eats food off our table and she cost WAY MORE MONEY THAN SHE IS WORTH. Like i said i love all animals. But this one stares at you if you move a finger and if you get up to do something she runs to u and tries to get under ur feet. I dont have anything to do with her and i pop her any chance i get when she starts following me. I HATE EVERYTHING ABOUT HER. she is the only reason why me and my husband ever fight. SO HERE I AM SAYING THAT I HATE THAT B**** AND I HOPE SHE DIES SOON

We seem to have a similar kinda story. I hate the ***** that my hubby has too. I bought that ***** for him when I was 7 months pregnant and he badly wanted that puppy he had seen outside my office. He had promised to keep it away for a few months when I would give birth later. He did on the day I was being taken to hospital for delivery. I was happy. After the delivery, in a few days, when we went back home with our baby, to my utter surprise he picks up the ***** from his sister's place n brings it home with us saying that he missed her so much. Since then I started hating her sooo much. We keep on fighting because of her. She has destroyed many things at home. Like ur *****, she also pees everywhere in the house. She even ***** inside. I am fed up of her. I just hate her. She keeps on jumping around with so much dust. She completely goes crazy and over acts when my hubby is around. Oh God, somebody help me get rid of this *****. I dont even feel safe with the baby. My hubby thinks she wont do anything to our baby...makes me give the excess milk from my breast to that 5 months old *****. I am just so much fed up n want to get rid of it.

I hear you! !!! I am a cat person!!!he brings home this old smelly litter eating annoying wakes us up all night long,stupid, groom disgusting shakes her smelly yeast *** ears locks ,bite her *** all the dam time,begs at dinner,we fight he won't put her out.ibleave her out all I can when he's at work.the fighting,no sleep over a smelly gross mutt!! I'd rather have a million kitties then that sneeky ugly ***** that makes my house smell like ***!!help me please someone! !

I totally understand what you're going through, I HATE MY HUSBAND'S dog as well!!!!! What's worse for me is that I'm 7 months pregnant and have 2 other kids from a previous relationship and when I meet him he had two dogs which at that time I didn't mind them but one day ex-girlfriend found out he got married and broke into the house to get the stupid dogs and on top everything she could in between. Well we move two hours away from our home town and second week here he picks up a dog from the streets!!!! Literally from the street bring it home and wants to keep it. It's being 18 months now and the dog ***** and pees everywhere he sheds everywhere!!!!! He smells like Doritos!!!! And on top has no shots or any of that!!! Oh my god I'm going insane here we have gotten into some big arguments about it but he compares his stupid dog to my kids!!! He says I'm selfish for not letting him have a dog that there loyal, they don't argue, they will love you no matter what!!!! I don't give a ****!!!! I hate him I have never being a dog person but I swear every dog he sees on the street he wants to pick up and bring home! I'm sick of it!!!

I think the NEEDIEST ones get to me because you want your pets to have some sense of independence rather than them ALWAYS following you every time you get up for the simplest and small things, or hanging outside your door so much that you don't expect them to be there and then you may either step on them or trip over them.

Oh my god that's exactly how my husbands dog is!!!!! I'm in the bathroom and he is literally outside me being 7 months pregnant I have tripped twice cause of the stupid dog!!!

Have you thought about investing in a gate, maybe? Because tripping can one day give you an injury. Or guess you'll just have to brace yourself when you go through the door. My dog is the same way. I love her, but she's been SUPER annoying for the past year.

Yeah my husband's sloth is always up his butt and I trip over her cause she's up his ***! When I trip, she yelps like I hurt her....then guess who gets in trouble???!!!! Not the mutt!!

I agree with you! I hate my husbands dog too! It snores, farts and stinks awful! It constantly walks around snorting like a pig. DISGUSTING............oh and it eats other animals feces........nice huh?!?

I think my husband thinks I'm the only cold-hearted b**** out there who hates dogs... I knew I wasn't alone! ;) We've had our monster for 9 months now, and sadly I wish I could fast-forward 12 years to her end. It sounds cruel, but I just can't help it. I share all of you ladies' issues with the husband's dog: the filth in my house, the destruction of my yard, the disgusting gas passing, the neediness.The worst part is how the dog comes between us since our very differing views on acceptable doggie behavior and doggie discipline cause regular heated arguments. He babies the dog like a father would spoil his rotten-cupcake-princess of a daughter. When I call for some structure and discipline, he sometimes he will even somehow will twist the situation to claim it's MY FAULT that the dog did x, y, z, you name it. I couldn't hate this dog more. Every time we'd move to anew home in the past, I've found that I have to literally scrub down the walls with bleach to clean away all of the FILTH splatters on the walls. I remember the time when I would wonder what the hell was going on in those homes to generate such filth splattered on every freaking wall... and now I know: they had dogs in the house. I'm glad I found this post because I'm going to try the idea of making the hubs vacuum 3x week or the dog STAYS OUTSIDE!

OMG I could have written your message so bad... it is exactly my story, my husband and I fight over the damn monster all the time, it has been going on for 7 years now, that Sh..T still doesn't want to die argg I hate this stupid dog, because of the dog our marriage is a disaster I was never able to be happy, or go on a vacation or week end without thinking about the dog that needed to be put at the boarding so more money out for a beast! My husband travel a lot, I am going soon to visit my family in europe that I haven't seen in almost 3 years and on top of my airfare and baby airfare I have to pay a dam boarding $250 I am so pissed! I tried everything to get rid of her and was unsuccessful, I am very sad, our marriage was never just me and the hubby because of the dog and now that we have a baby I realize we were never just 2 together like a couple and it's sad because we always made our plan and vacation around her etct! I love my baby girl and feel so sad that when she is crawling she is full of dog dirty hair. I can go on forever!