Anyone Had Their Ex-wife Write A Letter About How Horrible It Was To Divorce Her And Send It To Both Sides Of The Families??


I was wondering if this was normal or just a way for my bf's ex-wife to play the victim. Last Christmas her family and her sent out a letter to her family including Aunts and Uncles and all of my boyfriends family including his parents and siblings, about how horrible it was that he divorced her, how he broke up their family, how distressed she has been etc. but she is coping with it. Is that a normal thing to do?
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2 Responses Dec 5, 2012

She is being an evil manipulative person...I hate people like that!

wow! did she do this before or after you guys hooked up?

in my experience, exes usually start doing stuff when they see that their ex has moved on. but they have no problem moving on and watching HIM stay stuck and in pain and alone.

yes, she did that after we were together. Is that a normal thing for someone to do? Or is she trying to get to him and make him feel bad?

maybe a lil bit of both