Why Does He Let Her Continuously Take Advantage Of Us???

My husband seems to be completely resigned to the idea that his ex wife can plan whatever she wants at the drop of a hat and we will be the immediate plan for child care. She loves to tell everyone how she is such a poor single mother that has to take care of two small children all by herself. When the reality is, all she ever does is feed them dinner (rarely home cooked) and put them to bed. We do everything else! We provide the majority of care for them every day. And when it's her weekend to have them, she always has to work or finds other reasons that she can't keep them the whole time. And who does she ask first? Yep, my husband! The only other option is his parents who both have heart problems. And when I say I'd rather not keep them because I have other things I would like to do, he gets upset! WTF! The damn woman has family all over this town. She has a boyfriend that lives with her and has been in the childrens' lives since before I was! Why the **** can't she find someone to babysit? More importantly, why does my husband accept this bullshit from her? He didn't when they were married!
2oldforthiscrap 2oldforthiscrap
Jan 17, 2013