Very long story DH (darling husband) and his Ex have been D for 5 years. 2 kids (10 & 7). She remarried 2 months after the D. Has 2 yr old with new Hubby. Right before my DH and I began dating she wanted to leave her hubby and reconcile with DH. He felt bad and said ok, then changed his mind a few days later. She's pissed. Her new hubby and her are broke and my DH makes bank...wonder why she wants him back? hmmm! While we dated she was ok with me (kinda...she always had some remark about them being BF's and how she was his priority as the bio-mom, blah blah...) as soon as she found out we got engaged, she flipped out. We married recently and as a wedding present she is taking us to court to take his kids from him (not a shred of evidence of anything she alleges). She shows MANY signs of Sociopathic behaviour. My DH was kind of oblivious to her crazy until this happened with court and now he finally sees what a lunatic she is! FINALLY!!!!!!
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I had to learn to let my sweetheart deal with his issues with the ex. It may be hard at first but your own peace of mind is worth so much more. Keep as neutral as possible. Be an ear and shoulder for him but keep a distance. This is not to say don't love him. However, this is not your problem to solve and the sad truth is you won't be able to solve it. Finally, when dealing with crazy ex. We all have some horrible stories. Be certain to protect yourself, your wallet and your peace of mind. Above all don't be afraid to get he police involve if she threatens you or try to pull you into her craziness. I wish you well.