Where to Begin.....

This group was made for me.  No doubt there.

The problem is---where to even begin.  This woman is the mother of my husband's two older children, and she is mentally unstable, and they are now as well.  Lies, deceit, manipulation, sob stories, damsel in distress performances, the 'poor me' episodes, it never stops.

I will take some time later to elaborate.
MerryGoRound MerryGoRound
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4 Responses Jan 20, 2008

Sounds like someone I know ,the thing is that she managed to break my relationship with manipulation etc and she is always the poor me ...

Sound EXACTLY like my husbands ex!

Sounds like a true nightmare! I feel so sorry for you!

ah, sounds like my hubby's ex....vile vile vile lowlife of a woman, and I use the word loosely. She even attempted suicide one time to see if he would run to her or stay with me.