Where to Begin.....

This group was made for me.  No doubt there.

The problem is---where to even begin.  This woman is the mother of my husband's two older children, and she is mentally unstable, and they are now as well.  Lies, deceit, manipulation, sob stories, damsel in distress performances, the 'poor me' episodes, it never stops.

I will take some time later to elaborate.
MerryGoRound MerryGoRound
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3 Responses Jan 20, 2008

Have things gotten better with your hubbys EX?

feel free to vent here ... sometimes it just makes someone feel better to let out their frustrations. Maybe after you let it out it won't seem like such a big deal ... I know I always feel better up here where no one knows me and I can write to my hearts content

Maybe you could start by not participating in all the drama. Repeating it is a form of participation. It gives the whole thing energy and helps to keep it alive.<br />
<br />
The next time someone or something starts ... just get up and walk away without saying a single word. <br />
<br />
End it before it comes to you, right there, right then, and just let it go.