That Woman.........

well I knew my husband had children when I met him. We moved from Hawaii back to the states where his ex was as well as his children. I have 2 children form my ex as well. Anyways This woman is a head case. She has 2 children yet lets us raise them then tries to get childsupport out of us when we have had custody of his 1 biological son ( the other one isn't his but was raised as his). Now that being said we have delt with that, now she is pulling this crap the oldest one that since he is not related by blood we can have nothing to do with him. But she was ok with us paying childsupport for him while we were in Hawaii. She just love money and she aint getting no more from us. And the Son doesnt want to live with her, he tells her that and it hurts me to see him so unhappy. She lives in a bad part of town and does nothing for her kid. I feel so bad for him.
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You do have rights, and since he was raised as his son, then legally that is his son, especially since he paid child support for him. You have the right to pursue custody. Trust me.

Yeah I think you guys do have rights especially since you paid child support. Also if she's un-fit anyone can petition for custody of the kids. Just some FYI ... Hope things are going better.

Look up the Step-Parents Law.