Let Go Already!

Typical scenario. They share a child and she gets her visitation every other weekend. Provided it fits into her schedule. Nevermind ours. We can't even take a vacation without her blowing up the phone with calls and texts, making her demands. She refuses to even acknowledge that I exist, pulling up to our house and waiting quietly in her car while he brings their 8 year old out to her. At first, she didn't want him because he didn't approve of her relationship with the new married guy she got involved with. Now she's figured out he's the perfect tool for keeping her talons dug in, and driving me crazy. It's her payback for my existence. She whines and cries and manipulates and plays the victim, employing her "mother" status as justification. This all seems pretty standard until you realize this child I'm talking about is ..... a dog. Oh yes. Not a human being she's having these fits over. It's a dog! One that is perfectly fine to live without her, by the way. He couldn't care less if she ever came around. But she clings to this as the avenue that keeps the lines of communication open with my spouse. Her conversation starts there. Then travels to places that cross the lines of things exes should be allowed to say. Specifically, her personal vendetta against me because we do have an actual child together. This crap with the dog didn't even start until that little tidbit of info went public. Ugh. She's such a fool. There are Pet Smarts all over the city. Get a new dog. And a life while you're at it.
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1 Response Dec 13, 2011

Seriously???!!!!! How have you put up with that? I know alot of people who have pets instead of human children but come on! If I didn't want someone in my life any longer then I would let go of the dog. Why keep dealing with this woman?