Bum B**ch!

One main reason why I can't stand this woman is because she is a section 8, money hungry b**ch! She will only work a part time job because if she works full time her food stamps and section 8 would get cut off! She keeps bragging to my husband that once he gets into his career, the child support will go up so that would make her living situation better. Instead of trying to go to school and get a degree herself, she wants to live off my husband for the rest of her life. The even crazier thing is that they were NEVER married, and he NEVER wanted to. They were in a relationship for about six months before he broke up with her, and about two months later she told him she was pregnant. By that time we were already together so of course she was furious when he told her that he wasn't leaving me to be with her. He told her that he would take care of his son and he has done so since his son came into the world. She has been extremely bitter for the last 8 years because he chose me over her, we got married last year so just imagine her fury at that time lol. At times I think that this whole being greedy and not trying to do more for herself is to make my husband pay for the rest of these 10 years. I don't understand how for someone to complain as much as she does about being a single mother and can't afford certain things, why won't she try to do better for herself and her children?! Yes I said children, she has another child who is 3 by a different man, but guess what??? She doesn't try to get child support from him! That's why I think she only does these things to get back at my husband for not wanting her. Don't get me wrong, I think my husband she pay child support but I think it's wrong when she doesn't want to be successful and just wants to live off what is meant for the child.
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Yes I do work, I'm the Clinical Supervisor at my job and I am in school working on my Masters in Human Resource Management. It is NOTHING to brag on when you tell someone that you are not going to do anything with your life, you are just gonna wait for your child's father to make more money so you can live better. That's exactly what she does. I do not respect anyone who doesn't want anything for themselves and their children. What kind of an example is that for her children? I understand that the more my husband makes then his child support will go up, but what I am saying is don't be a BUM and sit around and depend on that. Also it is ABSOLUTELY hilarious if after my husband and I have been together for 8 years and when he tells you that we are getting married and you go berserk, it's pathetic so I should laugh at her. What was she expecting to happen after we had been together so long? Sounds like to me somebody married your ex and you are still not happy about it, and you are probably living off of his child support that he pays for your child/ren. SMH

you didn't say if you worked and were successful?? and yes if her child's' daddy does better in $$ she should get more $$ so that child's life is better...<br />
telling me someone is living on welfare and needing money is a bad person, then writing lol after saying you married her x.. makes you sound very childish...

I completely understand your frustration yet, at one point he chose her as his partner, also got her pregnant, so he is dealing with what he once chose to have in his life. I was married once but have always worked (benefits worker food stamps & med worker) and always provided for my children regardless of the fact of their dead beat father providing c/s or not. The saddest part in all of this is the children involved, they are innocent in all of this and should be kept unaware of all this drama between adults. Good luck with this person, it sounds like you and your husband will be dealing with her for a long time unfortunately.