Brady Bunch Except For The Ex With Narcissistic Personality Disorder.

So we're in our 40's. We both have four children each ages 6-20. Both financially independent, educated professionals. I've been divorced from my ex for 7 years and earlier this year, shortly before my SO and I (not yet married as we're too cautious to jump in too fast), my ex-husband and father of my children died suddenly. We've been living together 3 months and in a relationship a year and a half. My children are dealing with lots of grief and change as it is. I may have considered postponing the move, but my home was already under contract when their father passed and it wouldn't have been possible to get out of the contract given other factors.

So, his ex. He found out after the divorce that she cheated on him with multiple men, including a close family friend he considered a friend. When she found out he knew, she threatened to kill herself. She cried and carried on when he and I started dating because she was surprised he moved on. I've had many people she considered friends come to me and tell me horror stories about her and tell me how glad they are I'm in his life now, including his mother. BUT... she's the mother of his four kids and they share custody. I've dealt with spying babysitters, her nasty remarks, her paranoia, and frankly, it takes all I can muster up to not tell her what I think of her. She's a hypocrite who is trying to get their marriage annulled in the Catholic church when she cheated! Thankfully, my SO stands up for me, but sometimes when his kids are here, I feel like anything I do can be twisted around as something for her to get ticked off about.

Vent over. All I can do is pray for strength to get through. Most of the time, all is pretty good, but sometimes.... grrrrrr. I hope to marry this man and frankly, this would be the only thing that would make me question it.
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36-40, F
Sep 10, 2012