What Goes Around Comes Around

My husband and I dated in our twenties and I thought we were in love. At about the year and a half mark we broke up because he was cheating on me(as I saw it) and our relationship was over (as he saw it). H ended up marrying the woman he was with 6 months later and I found out that she had a little boy from before. One day I ran into them ( him running after the little boy) and I had a mental freak out. That was supposed to be my life....
Fast forward 7 years and I am trying to let go of the past and forgive people so I tell him I forgive him for what happened and apologize for my immaturity at the time. He is in the middle of a divorce from said wife and we are just friends but soon things get more complicated..

As with everything rose colored in life the situation seem great as we start to reconnect until parts of their marriage start to infiltrate our life. He and she couldn't have children together and when he and I move in together within a month I am pregnant. Hooray for us but she has no idea he is seeing someone new much less me. Divorce finally comes through and within a three week span he and I are married. Again "yay" for us but she doesn't know. And neither does her son who is very attached to his step daddy. They still chat and text about him( which I get) but recently she told him(yes told him) that they were coming down to go fishing with him in the first week of January( during his winter break). It also happens to fall on my birthday and my daughters birthday( we are both born within 4 days of each other). So he will miss this. I get it even with this because his stepson has anxiety and so do I and he probably wants his parents to get back together which even though I know isn't going to happen is an understandable sentiment.
I also understand that he doesn't see his Daddy as much as I do and it's selfish of me to be upset about him missing my birthday. What I am upset about is that he still hasn't told them that we are back together, married and expecting a baby. This is bound to be a huge shock to his stepson and ex. Feelings of resentment towards my baby son for various reasons will abound. It's not our fault that things worked out the way they did. When she asked him for a divorce she said all that she wanted was a father figure for her son and that she never loved him the way that a wife should love a husband.
I get his spending time with his daddy, but not her. And yes I am suspicious of her. She nabbed him from me in the first place. I guess I am annoyed at them both...
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rather confusing situation,,,he can't have both of you,,,or can he ?