Sad, Pathetic Excuse For A Woman

My partner and I have been together for 2 years. Since the day I walked into the picture, his ex has been a train wreck from hell.
He has a 9 year old son with her whom I love like he is my own. I provide for his son as if he is my own, I treat my stepson with complete love and honesty and respect. I love that little boy <3. The problem is the my partner's ex won't go away. She tells her son lies about his dad saying that his dad left their family because he didn't love them anymore (the truth is she cheated on him and he found out) and that his dad never provided financially or supportively to their family anyway. This s*** tears my stepson apart because he obviously sees different when he comes to see us. She has never spoken a word to me (if I was a mother I would want to know who was around my child) and has told her son and the court lies about me as well. She currently is taking over half of my partners pay cheques and still wants more. She feels she is entitled to it, like he is a bank machine. When she speaks to or texts my partner she treats him like he is a dog, tries to control what we do with his son and attends all of my partners family functions even though he takes his son to them.
At first, I felt sorry for her because honestly I find it very pathetic, but now it is just annoying. She won't go away. My partner doesn't call or initiate contact with her and when his son is with his mother, he doesn't bother to call because she doesn't pick up anyway. She refuses to keep her end of the access agreement but expects my partner to be at her beck and call when my stepson is with us.
What I don't get is that she lives with another man, doesn't even bother to actually take care of my stepson (he went the first month of school without being fed breakfast or lunch) and she cheated on my partner! But refuses to leave us alone. She routinely takes my stepson's weekends with his father away because she feels like it. This past weekend, she called my stepson and he didn't want to talk to her (he never does). Then she proceeds to text my ex tearing him down because its his fault their son doesn't want to talk to her. Then when my stepson called her back saying he didn't want to talk to her then because the three of us were playing a game and he was enjoying his family time she informed my stepson that when she calls he needs to stop family time with us to talk to her. We currently see my stepson 4 days a month. My stepson was so upset and was asking why he has to talk to her when he is here but he is not allowed to talk to his dad when he is with her even when he asks to call.
It breaks my heart when every weekend we have him, my stepson cries on his way home to her house saying he hates her and wants to live with us.
We just spent 10,000 dollars last year in lawyer bills with her working out agreements and now she has falsified documents saying my partner has paid nothing when in reality he has begged and pleaded to her for receipts and pays them when he receives them. So now we must spend more money going back to court to retrieve the money he has given her last year as the government has begun garnishing over half his pay cheques to repay this "unpaid debt".
I feel like this ridiculous b***h is robbing me of a wonderful life with the most caring, supportive, loving man I have ever met in my life. It has gone so far that my partner has said that if he had known she was going to be like this, he would never have had a child with her. Of course he loves his child more than anything, don't get me wrong here.
Why do women feel the need to act like this? What ever happened to dignity? Apparently she missed that lesson. I am so frustrated and annoyed by this woman whom I have never even spoken to, even in her presence. It saddens me that she is wasting so much time trying to seek vengeance on a man that left her (how dare he, her words not mine) when she herself disgraced their marriage and wastes so much time trying to influence her son's opinion of his father to suit her own that she is literally losing her 9 year olds respect and love. It's terrible! This pathetic excuse for a 21st century woman is making my life miserable!! She is a disrespectful, lying, ugly (on the inside, I'm not petty) b***h and I keep waiting for karma to kick in but I'm losing my patience!
26-30, F
Jan 6, 2013