I Really Hate That Woman

I know that this is going to sound extremely shallow and ridiculous but I hate the fact that my husband's ex looks so much better than I do. She has the perfect hair, perfect skin and perfect figure. She even has perfect feet! I know that this should not matter but I have felt like crap for the past 3 years and I cannot seem to get over it. It seems like everyday my self-esteem gets lower and lower. It certainly does not help that my husband,s entire family feel that he has traded down in the looks department. I feel ugly, unattractive and undesirable and I wish that she would develop some mysterious condition that would cause her to lose all of her hair, teeth and gain about 300 pounds. I am sure that I would feel much better then.

Penelopejones Penelopejones
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5 Responses Feb 24, 2009

LOL!!! nah, he is with you for some good reasons so why do you care? And if she is looking better it is because finally she could do whatever she wants, I guess everyone that has experience the blissful feeling of freedom after a traumatic divorce, can relate to that. GL.

You should do something for your self fix your hair do your nails be happy that you got him and not her obviously he liked you better she's not perfect!!! your the winner!! yay lol

Onewayout, that's very devious. I'm impressed!

Thanks for the laugh it was great!!<br />
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I also think it'd be great for you to change yourself if your not happy with how you feel. Search for the motivation, it sounds like it's not far from sight. Get an in home get fit machine and work out while watching your favorite show on TV time goes by fast that way, and your distracted from the pain by watching TV. Go for it!

LOL! I shouldn't be laughing...I can tell that this a concern for you. First of all...he's with you now, not her. Second, looks are not everything. Third, do something about it. Do things for yourself that make you feel more attractive...get your hair cut in a style that flatters your face shape...get regular pedicures...just some suggestions. I, on the other hand, have the exact opposite issue...my husbands ex did lose her teeth...it was quite comical!