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My husband and I were highschool sweeties.   AWWW  no.   We broke up and went our seperate ways.  I heard a little here and there.  He knocked up this ***** he used to work with.  She was married, and his friends say she would give head to anyone in the parking lot.  Also that she made passes at them behind his back.  But my baby being the stand up guy he is stayed with her.  They got a dna test when the baby was born and sure enough is was his.  He def wasn't going to leave now.  So I moved on as well.  I had children.  I had a string of ****** boyfriends.  He I had heard moved out of state.  I moved out of state too.  We both ended up in our hometown a few yrs ago and "ran" into each other(he  called a mutual friend we ended up over there at the same thime).  I had just gotten out of a two yr relationship when I found out the guy was sleeping around.  My baby was married to a nightmare and had two wonderful kids.  He said he didn't want to marry her.  He followed her up north bc they had a son together and he was trying to make it work.  She got pregnant and she needed insurance.  So naturally they got married.  Nearly a yr went  by and they weren't happy.  She said she needed some time "alone" and stayed gone for about a month.   Then she came back and really nothing had changed.  He kept trying to make things work and a few months later she admitted she slept around while she was "alone".   That was the end.  They just needed money for a divorce.  They had been fighting so bad that my baby's dad gave him the money to come to our hometown to atleast get away from it for a few days. 

3 yrs later they're divorced, we're married, we have a baby together.  She's still a b*tch.  She doesn't let him get the kids for the summer(we live in  different states).  Which might sound normal but she lets his mother get the kids for the summer....which tells me it's just spite.  His mother who has totally sided with the ex.  His mother who I recently found out has been saying all this time...that she just KNOWS one day they'll get back together.  UGH.  This girl used to call me before my baby moved to be with me to tell me she was still f@ck*ing him even though she had a boyfriend.  How did she put it again?  "I don't want to break you up.   I just think you should know that I can have him whenever I want him."  (this is terrible and I'mgoing to hell for being happy about it....but my baby told me I was the love of his life and he often thought of me when he was with other girls while we were apart and that goes double for when he was with his ex!  Ha!) 

Anyway, she's a pothead and I don't really think she has any business raising the children anyway.  She was mean to my baby.  Like they got to fighting and she spit on his one yr old imitated her and spit on him and all she did was laugh about it.   She threw his belongings across the room.  I told him to call the cops ...but she's the type that would punch herself and say he did it.  I hate her. 

More recently.  My baby joined the army.  If you go to her myspace page to look at pix of the kids which she told us to do....she's on there from Halloween wearing a camo dress(very short) fishnet stockings, and combat boots sitting spread legged in a chair with the back of the chair between her legs...the caption read little sexy army girl!  If that's not directly pointed at us...then I don't know what is!  Ugh!  I hate her.

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I understand that you hate her. My soon to be husband also has an ex wife who is the dumbest b$$$$ that I've ever met in my life. But seriously girl, you've got to let it go. All the things that other people are saying don't have a clue. Maybe his mother thinks that they will be together again, but she obviously doesn't know the whole story. In the end, he chose you. The both of you went through a lot in between, but in the end, he always loved you and that's what really matters. <br />
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As far as it goes with him seeing his child for the summer, depending on what you have set legally you may want to check with a lawyer and see what you're options are with her. My fiance and I have custody of his son. We had to go through a lot to get it that way but we knew that he was better off with us and we proved that in the courts.<br />
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I sense that maybe there may be a little bit of jealousy from you towards the ex wife. Don't worry. It's okay to admit that. It was hard for me for a while to get over the face that my fiance had been married once before. I have never been married or have any children so all of this is new to me.<br />
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Anyway, I hope this helps a little bit. I'm just trying to meet some people with similar issues as me. And I can sympathize with you because I know exactly how you are feeling. Good luck. I hope everything works out for all of you.