I Hate That I Think About Her

I am not a hateful person but I can't stand her. While he was gone to Afghanistan she found out when he was gone and emailed him an hour after he left. Her emails were more and more needy. She kept telling his mother that she was engaged to someone else so it was ok that they tallked. I didn't like it because instead of emailing me when things were happening he emailed her, and he kept hiding it from me, if it was no big deal he shouldn't hide it. After that I found picutres he had in his email that he never deleted, so I got to see the pictures of them together too. I was so upset, I almost considered just moving out and mailing divorce papers. I didn't and we worked it out, I told him if they ever talked again I was done. She also got an email from me, but she never responded, I wanted to yell at her. I imagined as I was driving my car the things that I would say to her. I really can't stand how manipulative she is, her mother got mad at me for being upset at them for talking, but I know how she is, his mom doesn't know they broke up because she was cheating while he was at college. I can't stand that everyone thinks I am being crazy and out of control. I know what my gut says and even my husband says he thinks its a good idea that I dont trust her. I just hate looking at her and I want to hurt her.

ilycwolstenholme ilycwolstenholme
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1 Response Mar 15, 2010

I know what you mean, it´s an obsession... I used to look at her facebook every single day until I decided to block her. Nah... I still do!! and I don´t wish her ill but when I happen to know anything nasty happening to her, God forgive me, I am delighted!