My Marriage Is Exhausting Me...

My daughter and I moved to this place years ago to be with my husband. My daughter and I lived in a big city where I used to work for a big international company. We only have a few family, and lived in a condominium on our own. My daughter was so excited moving in to the country because she will have the family she never had. My husband's family is big and was supposedly good people. We never met them prior to moving, all I know about them is this fantastical stories that my husband told me. The first year was fine, my daughter and I treated my husband's family like they were our own. We enjoyed the cookouts and the rural activities that we never experienced in the city. My husband has four daughters, who lived nearby with their mother, the second one is evil incarnate, when my daughter went to the local high school, she made sure that she will have a miserable time there. My daughter was wonderful, did not tell me anything that was happening, and made friends with foreign exchange student, which made high school enjoyable for her. Meanwhile, I decided to continue my education at the nearest University. The second year that we were living in my husband's area, his second daughter moved in with us because her mother moved out of state with the other sisters and she didn't want to leave her boyfriend behind. I voiced concern over this to my husband and he said that we are going to write down house rules for both my daugher and his. All these rules flew out of the window as soon as his daughter started mouthing off to him. Everyday, I see the unfairness of his treatment with the two girls, which is making me more and more resentful. His daughter would do as she pleases, come home late, would not participate in any housework. His daughter would not help out with anything around the house, and when I say this to my husband, it would end up in a fight. His daughter stayed with us for two years, straining our marriage to the brink. I have no proof, except the way my husband's family started treating us differently, that his daughter played the victim, and made me out to be the evil step mother. One day, we had an argument that had nothing to do with his daughter. I decided to leave and stay with my daughter who has moved out of our house by now because she is going to college. My husband's daughter saw this as an opportunity to text me stuff like, I am a gold digger, and that her father was stupid for marrying me. I forwarded the text to my husband, and he didn't do anything. During the time, that I was out of the house, his daughter posted nasty stuff on facebook about wanting me to die. Meanwhile, my husband asked me to come back. I told him that I'm not coming back unless he settles this thing between his daughter and I. He agreed, and we sat her down. Instead of apologizing, she continued to disrespect me, telling my husband that she felt sorry for him. My husband just sat there like a stump. I lost all my respect for my husband, and to top it all off, his family is now giving me the cold shoulder, they treated my daughter like she fell off the face of the earth. Whenever there's an occassion, they would call my husband, and I felt obligated to attend. My daughter doesn't want anything to do with them. I envied  my daughter a little, for she has a choice not to see them. There are times when I feel so much anger towards my husband, for making me go through it when I have given up so much for him, and I dream of the day that I will not have to see his family again. i now work in a high stress job, and everytime, thanksgiving, Christmas or any season rolls in, I feel sick to my stomach at the thought of seeing his family. I used to enjoy and look forward to Christmas so much, but his family has stolen the joy of this season for me.  They took my husband's daughter's side and treated my daughter and I like dirt. I look at my husband now as a spineless fish, who is all talk and no action. Don't get me wrong, there are times when we still enjoy each others company, but for the most part, I could not help but think back about the way he was not able to stand up for me.
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Wow!! How are you doing? So sorry to hear about your troubles! I really hope things are sorted and you and your daughter are free of them. Love and hugs Momamoo