How Much Should I Spend On These People

I can't stand my husbands family especially his mother. I have made it a point not to let these guys ( his mother, 3 sisters, and brother) get to me or anger me anymore. I have no choice but to spend money on them this holiday season. I barely ever see his sisters so I will be damned if I spend more than $30.00 individually on them. His mother wants a tablet worth 250.00 and while this year the economy was better for us I don't want to shell out that much on a gift for an ungrateful, mean person. I personally did not want to buy anyone of them anything and take them to a fancy Christmas dinner ( mainly because I would be eating too and I'd rather buy them a plate of food than a gift) but my husband thought that would be a bad idea because they would rather have a physical Christmas gift and if they did not get one they could get nasty. Am I the one being a ***** or should I spend money on the nasty wolves.
Qmomma206 Qmomma206
Dec 9, 2012