Hate My Husband Family

im really having problem with my husband family first the dad and brother live with us because they been kicked out from there grandmas house because of too much problems plus brother is addict, father in law has different family and he has attitude problem , he talked too much and too much drama, good thing he leave . brother in law gosh his full of **** . even when they dont live us anymore even he has a job he couldnt even buy his own laundry soap to wash her clothes. he buy first his beer and cigarette , even i talked to my husband his just ignoring me all the time. then come the sister live with me she call me for help bec the dad doesnt take care of her , after that the ******* sister leave and accusing me kicking her out, wtf?? first im not the one who called for help, and im not the one who just get along to someones (***** ) easily go with her even u dont ever know her that much . she went to stay with a full of **** friend of mine jealous of our good rel of my hubby bec she has a lot of prob on her own who brain wash her and let her married with guy who she didnt know that much.hope she not suffering right now iguess shes afraid that i found out that while we giving her money for school she get pregnant twice and aborted. snd she just get married bec she of pride that she chooses wrong path.ohh my what a waste because she doesnt know while we are having hard time not spending and there she is.. getting pregnated promise to help her family after grad but what happen? thats started hate and probs to our relationhip of my husband because he always face the prob of his family but not us, one time too i gave my husband to put a little bit if money for our savings and he end up sending to her family without me knowing .. and now again we leave his father and brother in another state, there comes another prob, mother in law, wth !!! and worst that the sister who accused me that ill treat her mom bad and she promised in her txt not hermom stay with us, now shes living with us, **** shes a lazy *** she just want to watch tv and eat, and facebooking shes like watching tv 13 hrs a day, what she thinks we dont pay bills and she also picky on food,
and now husband allow again his brother staying with us again ohh really!!!im so tired of my husband his liar, and he doesnt prioritize our prob, he doesnt want to listen.i couldnt leave him bec i love him so much, i plan to leave him so many times and now that his mom is there to look up with him but her mom couldnt even help out even just heat up soup while we are both sick with my hubby she just waiting someone to cook for her wtf!!! ohh my im depressed living with my mother in law that is lazy plus husband who doesnt want to listen and fixed the problem.
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Jan 10, 2013