Xbox 360 Your the Devil

Well I always knew that he liked to do the gaming thing.  But recently some things have happened that well, have made me see my husband in a different light.  He plays constantly, I don't know if it is from depression over losing his job or what but I say enough is enough.  He plays for atleast 6 hours out of the day.  That to me seems excessive, and he never leaves the house unless I force him.  Well The straw that broke the camels back for me was, he was playing his games, and I try to you know get his attention by prancing around naked, and nothing.  Not a look, nothing.  I am feeling so worthless, and so unsexy at this point, I don't know if I even want to have sex with him.  I don't want to be a cheater.   I really don't, but he knew that I was a very sexual person going into the relationship.  So now he is just putting me off, and says he is getting older and he doesn't have the sex drive anymore.  Can someone clarify (because I seem to be stupid)  If a penis works, doesn't that mean you want sex?  I don't get it.   If something doesn't happen soon with this problem,  I think I will leave.  Just out of curiousity, does anyone who has a game addicted husband also have a **** addiction problem? That is a whole other story.

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That's why these videos exist:<br />
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Gaming addiction is a real addiction. It doesn't sound real, try to understand why people get addicted, to anything, in the first place. Take alcohol, generally people drink to feel elevated to some other level, or to compensate for a feeling that has not gone away. Back to the gaming, treat it as an addiction, your husband gets a reward, that nothing else in life offers him. As it is his addiction is interfering in other parts of his life. Like an alcoholic he as to be confronted with it, he will not notice on his own that he has a problem. I have tried using manipulative tactics as well, to get roomates to notice that there is mold growing on the mold of the dishes in our place, but it doesn't work. Without screaming, hollering, or nagging, you have to explain your worries to him. Emotion is hard to deal with, I don't think anybody is an expert when it comes to emotion, good luck

WOW, if an attractive woman was prancing around naked, even i would have to put the controler down.

OMG! You and I are in the same boat!! We fight constantly over this. He has sworn off Xbox to save us only to return to that damn machine within 2 days. Or, he will turn all his attention to the freakin computer... as if that is any better! I just want it to be done with. Nothing will ever change. I'm tired and I'm not getting any younger... only more depressed!

Yes same! there is a support group out there for me!

wow prancing around naked that guy needs a ******* clue