Two-Faced, Passive Aggressive In-Laws: Help!!!

I've been married for over a year now and everything's perfect with my beloved husband, but my in-laws. Here's my mother-in-law's first reaction when we announced we would get married : "But then he won't be with us anymore", almost crying like a little girl...The news was followed by a 5-minute hellish silence, as if we had announced a funeral rather than a wedding. From that moment on I started to be so uncomfortable around them. I heard them talking behind my back very often and saying mean things about me and my family. At the beginning I thoughht, and hoped, it was only a wrong impression, but once, twice, three times, and more, I realised they were doing it for real. Moreover my mother-in-law often makes sarcastic comments about my own mother: from which I understood she's jealous of her, since my mom went to university and had a satisfactory career before retiring. My mother-in- law, on the contrary, barely finished junior high school, got married very young and has always been a housewife. My husband has two sisters, one is 40 and the other one is 36, they both live with their parents and are both single (and they long for a man, so desperately that they often throw themselves away with any jerk, by whom they're always dumped): they make a great alliance against me with my mother-in-law. Many problems arose during the wedding-planning process: it was so hard to make them respect my wishes as a bride and eventually did what they wanted anyway and I got so angry. For the love of my husband I'm always respectful and kind to them, but I don't know if I 'll be able to stand this situation much longer. I'm now pregnant, and it really worries me to think of them around my baby! I needed to vent! Help!
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My mother in law practically tries to MOTHER my baby! If she is a control freak with nothing better to do yours will do the same! Never ever let her around your baby alone! And start putting your foot down now, things will get worse when your little one is here because she will manipulate it all to be about her, getting her way and being mother hen to your own child. Get used to saying no to the woman! She is not superior to you, so when she's god damn out of line tell her, for you, your little baby and your relationship! Xx

So I'm pretty pissed with my in laws at the moment so please excuse me if this comes across blunt and totally unhelpful, you seem to have much more patience than me!
**** your in laws!! They sound awful! But guess what the beauty of all this is!? They're just your in laws!! This unlike YOUR own family means you don't have to bother!! And your husband should respect that, because he married you for you! And if they bring pain and suffering into your life, belittle you and your family they are toxic people! If in any other walk of life you would avoid these people why subject yourself to their nasty ways for your husband?
He loves you! So when you say "darling I love you but I find your family wear me down, I have decides not see them unless I absolutely have to." He will empathise and agree!
Let him see them, by all means that is his own decision! But sounds like they wouldn't miss you anyway!
Don't plague your life with toxic people, it will just destroy and good you have in life!
My in laws are wearing down my relationship with their son and we aren't even married yet, at this rate I'm calling the wedding off completely! Don't make the same mistake!
Cut them out, it will refresh you to take control of your life again.
Your can do it!xxx

My in-laws are two self-centered ********. All they care about is themselves. My wife went over to their house today to try and patch things over on the rocky relationship they have had over the last year. Typical bullshit from them today to her. As far as I'm concerned they can keep to themselves. Our lives are so much better without them.