It Keeps Getting Worse...

I married my husband in '07 and have experienced too many problems to list. I will try to get you up to speed

1. Degenrate MIL, used to be addicted to crack, off crack now and wants to be my friend, I am actually sort of happy about this, emphasis on "sort of" (my trust is out the window with these people)

2. Pathological liar BIL, fat, hypochondriac, ex-addict (never recieved treatment) only befriends beta-males with malliable identites and acts as if he is an authority on EVERYTHING. We relocated to be closer (before we knew how awful he was) to him so that my husband could become a partner in his business only for this shithead to act like a competitive jerk, enough to force my husband to decide to take a completely different career path..we are now moving to get AWAY from him. Most of his own family acknoledges that he is impossible and undesirable to be around.

3. BIL's wife, quiet, subserviant, has little to no friends and lives her life for Liar BIL, complete enabler and I have yet to decide if she is secretly evil,  or just too occupied with her husband to actually BE ANYTHING. Seems like she used to be a dynamic person and now...nothin.

PS- They have a 3 year old that is still in Diapers and can't talk, it's a shame he is so cute and it's obvious he craves knowledge.... yet they judge my husband and myself like it's their second job, they're first job is pretending to be normal

Loser BIL- used to live with Liar BIL but got kicked out, moved in with us and has removed all doubt in my mind that he is a complete moron and will be forever. He lives in a state of illusion, he does not have a GED but wants to and I quote, "speak Russian, have a rare breed dog that he can take anywhere, even public places and build a log cabin by hand." I have recently discovered that since taking him in he has been texting Liar BIL expressing how much he HATES my husband and myself because we should "lighten up."  He is 22, has never lived on his own and is a convicted felon. He is one of the most annoying people I have ever met. The first being Liar BIL. (it's probably because they lived together for 4 years)

Bitter SIL- used to be a str*pper/cokehead, married a guy out of coveinence and had a baby and complains about how she has to stay home all day with her baby. Actually, she ******* about everything and takes cheap shots at whoever is in range. Will try her hardest to be nice to one's face and the knife is  in your back before you fully turn around. Absolutely miserable and needs a therapist.

Fat FIL- Fat, pervert, uses women for his own devices. Harmless and useless. Has been showing potential lately, but who knows...


I'll stop there, I don't want anyone to get jealous.


endofmyrope30 endofmyrope30
Mar 7, 2009