Cant Stand Some Of My Inlaws

When my partner and I got together the first thing he told me was his past, which at first almost made me leave the relationship as it was too much package. Not only he got a girl pregnant, but he was planning to marry her because it was something the family wanted. Unfortunately he didn't love her. I didn't want to judge him of his past so I stayed. Through out the relationship one particular family of his didn't approve of our relationship so they started giving me the attitude. I'm not very confrontational but my partner warned me of their arrogant narcissistic attitude so I kept my distant. His other family members have constantly reassured me that I'm the first girl his been exclusive with for this long. A year after our relationship this family of his started to come around, but again didn't mean they fully liked me. I have done so much for this family of his, they asked for money i give, they asked to drop them off places I do it, but recently they showed how they felt about me infront of his whole extended family including my brother. At that point I couldn't take it anymore and I almost left my partner for it. I get along with his sisters his nuclear family but this extended family of his I don't. They always think they are better than me. I could easily avoid all this drama but not cross path with them but it's hard because they are always invited to small functions his family have and it's almost like every second week. I was advise if they give the attitude I should throw one back but to me it takes a better person to walk from it otherwise the problem might escalate to something everyone will later regret. I just wish I never have to come across them ever again.
nicole2012 nicole2012
May 6, 2012