My Mother In Law Tried Taking My 4 Yr Old Son Away/:-(

My Mother In Law is more like a monster in law! Last summer my mother in law and her b-f were attempting to adopt a child. They r both in there 40's and while she has 2 grown children and 2 grand babies her b-f dosnt have any. They had broken up for a period of time and her ex she so wanted to get back with started dating a 20 year old pregnant woman. Well this drove her crazy b/c she cant have anymore children-LONG STORY SHORT-They get back together, but this time they decide they want to adopt-Well being the dumb blonde she was she decides to NOT tell the social worker working on their adopting case about her 2 grown children-YELLOW FLAG went up whenever they asked for references that they need from any children. Well of course her kids had nothing nice to say about their bi-polar selfish mother who always needs to have attention on here, wiether if her husband beat her up (FALSE) or she have cancer (FALSE SHE HAD A THYROID TUMOR AND IT WAS REMOVED AND SHE WAS PERFECTLTY FINE) or her children were so ill she would rush them to doctor to doctor to find out the Diagnosis FALSE she tried that on her grand babies too) Whatever the case this woman is dellusional. Well in X=MAS they find out they were denied by the social b/c she was an unfit mother. Couple weeks after that she wants to spend a couple of days with my son- Im uncomfterable about it but my husband persists its fine so I let her (BIG MISTAKE) On the day she was to bring my son back me and her son my husband got into an arguement- she was standing by the door almost the whole time listening-So of course our faces were red and we quickly got over what ever it was we were arguing about and she starts mouthing off to us demanding to know what we were arguing about-she then proceeds to cuss out her son and vise versa screaming and yelling that she was taking her son from us (kidnapping) and I grabbed him out the car and brought him in the house shutting the door behind my screaming husband and mother in law- she leaves and not ten minutes later she is banging on our door like a mad woman screaming she was calling the social workers and if he got taken away to know that she done that. Weeks go by she texts us saying she has gotten a lawyer and she was sueing us for rights over our son-few days after that i get a call from a social worker they check my son out talk with me and I get a letter in the mail saying everything was perfect. Now that my mother in law and her b-f are seperated she is trying to be friendly with us- well her son but we decied to keep her out of our life because all she does is start drama- and instagates- I love to be able to call the cops on her for harrasment and have her old dumb *** thrown in jail
cajunqueen24 cajunqueen24
May 10, 2012