Ugh, I've already posted a confession about my inlaws...this is more of a rant about the current state of things. So, basically yesterday my MIL takes me, dh and kids to a town 45 minutes away so we could go school shopping. We bought her lunch to show our gratitude. Today, my MIL informs us we owe her gas $. The woman owes us $25 that we loaned to her so she could go to gamble. THEN we buy her lunch. Are you kidding me? Gas there and back is $15-20. I figured between the loaned money and lunch we were beyond even. I guess not. Them my SIL and dh share a cell phone plan. He added a line for her so she'd have a phone, every month she's been short on her end, so we've covered her half. She says she doesn't owe us any money nor will she pay us back because she can't afford it. She makes 3x add much as my dh and I do combined. Bullshit she can't afford it. I hate them all so much.
JustMe5772 JustMe5772
26-30, F
Aug 12, 2012