I Cannot Stand My Trashy Inlaws From Foreston, Mn

When I first met the fools, I thought they seemed a little rude but I figured if I was nice, they'd come around. I figured out otherwise, almost ten years too late. It's been nothing but TEN YEARS of dealing w/these ****-starting, trouble-making, trash-talking, backstabbing, pieces of ****** filth. My husband and I FINALLY cut the fools off, about a year ago. Some of the unforgivable crap these pieces of trash have pulled?

-giving me dirty looks out of nowhere
-inviting themselves into our home on numerous occasions
-my MIL has bought me USED underwear and even had the nerve to ask me what size underwear I wore!!! FREEEEEEEEEEEAK!
-dumped dirty crap from thrift stores on us for YEARS before we finally put an end to that
-bought us ugly hand-me-down furniture, complete with scratches
-thought that by buying us used trash from thrift stores, they could control us
-dumped unwanted crappy "gifts" on us for years/a dirty, used fishing tackle box, anyone? a random, dirty hamster cage?
-my FIL had criticized MY EVERY MOTION/WORD for the last ten years (he's a firefighter with countless awards and a supervisor of a wood factory) and he thinks he's a GIFT FROM GOD, evidently. I don't care WHAT he is, I'm just waiting for the skinny fool to die... I'm crossing my fingers!
-pretended our daughter was theirs because they babysat
-stuck their noses into our private lives for years

This list barely scratches the surface of what these fools have pulled w/us over the years. And I'm waiting for them to die!!!
HighlyAnnoyed HighlyAnnoyed
22-25, F
Dec 1, 2012