I Despise My ****** Bil From Foreston, Mn

He is an oldest child w/the whole "me first" mentality. He couldn't stand it when his youngest brother, my husband and I bought a home first. And we were almost 30 at the time. He acts like an immature 5-year old who is in some sort of competition w/his younger brother. He makes me want to puke, just hearing his voice.

And then, or so I hear, he finally got a real job at age 30, got off of unemployment and moved out of his wacko inlaws garage. I guess he then started some sort of "garnish business" which to me sounds pretty feminine, just like he is... ugh, just thinking about him and his femme ways makes me sick...

The fool was sticking his skinny a$$ in out business for years along w/his fatso mommy and meddling in our personal business, all the while he was living in his mommy's house, off and on for YEARS all the way throughout his 20's, while my husband and I were making it on our own. Too annoying for words.

I hate his guts and the way he walks around w/his nose in the air, a condescending demeanor and a snobby attitude. People talk about his wife, saying she's a snot, but I think he's a bigger one than she is... I never liked anything about him, he's annoying as hell.

And as for cutting people off? It's the BEST THING EVER!!!
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Dec 2, 2012