My Inlaws From Foreston Are A Bunch Of Nutty Sociopaths

They'd been harassing my husband and I for the last ten years now, before we got smart and cut 'em off for good. It's been nothing but annoying mindgames, dirty looks, drama, nonstop trouble and more. Anybody got any good ideas on how to get these wacko fools back? They'd call our house ten times in a row on the holidays into the middle of the night, harassing us nonstop, trying to get us to bring our daughter out there so they could see her. The holidays were similar to forced visitation. We were expected to show up at their house with THEIR granddaughter, no questions asked! They never came over to OUR home-unless of course, they invited themselves over! There were calls in the middle of the night, verbal harassment from my FIL (hope the piece of **** dies from his supposed "heart murmur" soon, too). Constant criticism, nitpicking, rude remarks, nagging and other nonstop mistreatment. By the time I realized how much the rifraff had invaded my life-it was too late! I looked around and 1/2 of the crap my hubby and I owned was from them! We both agreed we hated their sense of "style" and so we decided to start cleaning the crap out of our home... used underwear (given as gifts!)-went into the trash, ugly blankets, ugly trinkets, weird figurines and more. It all found a place in the dumpster nearby and several thrift stores around the twin cities. Now if I can just figure out how to get them out of my mind. P.S. Watch out for wackos who ask you "what size underwear you wear"-when they barely even know you-and then they go out and buy you USED UNDERWEAR from a thrift store. WHO DOES CRAP LIKE THAT?!
Creepedouttoo Creepedouttoo
1 Response Dec 3, 2012

Call the police about their harassing phone calls. I did this to my former ex-SIL. The calls stopped immediately.