My Terrible In-laws

Ok, so I know it is not right to hate anyone right?  Well you decide and tell me if I'm right.  Here Goes!!!

So................I was married to the most wonderful man for 22 years.  He was the love of my life and what kept me strong in this ever changing world.  During this time we had two children who are now 21 and 10.  We lived on his families property (which had been willed to them by their deceased father) and paid property taxes, took care of the place (13 acres), and eventually 12 years into our relationship, bilt a house on this property (big mistake!!!)   During these 22 years, I became part of his family (or so I thought!!).  I spent every holiday with them, celebrating and joining in on the festivities, and for the most part was always left to feel as if I belonged......Then my husband passed away.

The family pretty much left me alone during the "grieving year", although it was said that a discussion began soon after my husbands death.  The discussion was "when is it appropriate to force her and her family off of our property". read it right.

Ok, so then letters started to come in letting me know that it wasn't final, but that the "heirs" were contemplating selling the property.  My first reaction was of anger, because after what was then 23 years of living at the same place and funding and building our own home, I believed that I should never be forced to move.  After I calmed down, I spoke with one of the brothers, who assured me that the family was going to give me a settlement and help me relocate, and so I calmed down (for a little while).  After this conversation, I started receiving letters from the "other" brother, which were quite hurtful.  He stated that I had no vested interest in the property, and that I would be required to move without contention upon the sale of the property and leave my home of no 24 years.

Of course I was furious, and so I sat down and wrote a 5 page letter to all of the brothers and sisters, explaining my anger and lack of wanting to move.  Included was my husbands will which stated how much our investment was and his final request that if the property were to be sold, please do him a favor and take care of his wife and kids and not throw them out on the street..............Of course they took it the wrong way (as I knew they would).

All was quiet for awhile, until one day a person showed up on my doorstep with legal paperwork which happened to be a Writ of Possession.  This is a legal request to evacuate the premises within 3 days.  Luckily, I knew the sheriff and was allowed 7 days rather than just the 3.  So..........for the next 7 days, I worked day and night to collect 25 years of my life and put them into boxes and then into storage units!!  That was it!!!! 25 years taken away and my children and I thrown out on the streets like we were just some homeless people!!! And we built the house with our own money!!! 

So.................if it were you would you hate these people???  What the heck is this world coming to when you cant even rely on the people you thought you knew for 25 years??

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Did you speak to a lawyer about this?

you know the saddest part of this is I can see this happening to me. If my hubby died.......his family would be all up in my business......have no problem kicking me out of our home. I really sympathize with her. I also feel if she could get an attorney....They would at least have to buy her a house and some compensation for the taxes and upkeep.

the faster u obtain legal help the better. by the way... if u get a good lawyer to do this u may be able to<br />
make ur in-laws pay all ur legal fees!!

I hope this all worked out for you. I have one question though... how did you write this if you are out on the streets?

Surely your husband shared part of the property and his share passed down to his children and his wife.<br />
<br />
Get lawyered up, girl. you need it.<br />
<br />

This is such a horrible thing to do to a person.How could they act like you weren't family?Like you didn't deserve an equal share in everything?Please tell me you've gotten a lawyer.None of this sounds exactly legal.

What a horrible thing for them to do! They sound soooo much like my own inlaws. They have been HELL from day one! I would take these people to court. Sue them for everything!

OMG, what a painful, life altering experience. I was forced to move out of a house my family rented within a month after growing up in it part of my younger years. and that trauma has stuck with me. my heart TRULY goes out to you. awful, just awful. i am so sorry to read this.

Yes, you can hate them. Frankly, many people have killed for less. Did you involve a lawyer in this matter? It doesn't seem like it ought to have been that easy. Anyway, they're in-laws. I've come to the conclusion that in-laws are designed to suck.

I read your story and am very sorry for your loss. I can understand how you feel. I posted my story today that concerns my in-laws. I have never felt so much anger towards anyone ever. I am having a very diffuclt time letting go of the anger. I am a christian and know that it is not good to harbor anger in ones heart, but how much is one person suppose to take? Does God expect us to continue to turn the other cheek? I don't know but I feel there must come a time when you take a stand against those that are so evil. I have tried to let it go but it is more than I can bare alone. I do believe that one day these kind of people will have a judgement day, they will stand before God. <br />
<br />

please, please, please get some legal advise. i think you have reason to! these people need to be put in their place! in know it seems exhausting to go through a bunch of legal stuff but you owe it to yourself to get what you deserve to take care of you and the your family. <br />
mostly, i'm sad that you were treated so terribly by this family. nothing like getting kicked when you're already down. it's shameful that they didn't gather around you and comfort you in your time of need.<br />
my thoughts and prayers are with you!

I agree with hllbllygrl you need legal representation. I am sure that if you have proof of maintaining property taxes and also maintaining the property you should get some sort of retribution as well as the fact that the house you lived in IS IN FACT YOURS! You need to reclaim that property as well.

You know, I think I would get a good lawyer. If you and your husband paid the property taxes there for a number of years, depending on what state you live in, you could be the actual owner of the property. Can you prove it? Also, they would have to purchase your home from you as well, or maybe pay to have it moved. I believe if you took this to court, you could end up with it all. Please, take my advice, and take these people to court. Make 'em pay for mental anguish too, because they are a**h****!

that's what i was going to say. even legal aide might be able help. in my home state there used to be a law stateing that if u lived there and fenced in the property for 7 years, not paying rent u legaly owned it,