They Were Great When They Lived 1000 Miles Away

Father in law is a minister. Mother in law is an elementary school teacher who claimed that they never meddled in their kids' business.  This was true as long as they lived 1000 miles away.  They have done everything for their other child...given them hand me down vehicles, loaned them money, bailed them out of financial trouble. 

They never did any of these things for my husband and me, and we took pride in never having to ask our parents for any kind of financial support.  My family formed a strong bond with our children, but my inlaws didn't due to their distance for a dozen years.  Two years ago, the inlaws returned to the area, and were bitter about never being allowed to "help" us.  They turned on us like rabid dogs.  Nothing we do is good enough.  Our children (their own grandchildren) cannot stand them because they just "don't understand this generation, what with their computers and cell phones" and never really tried to get to know the kids. 

They even have the nerve to try and preach to my own mother about her diet. They impose themselves on us at holidays, never asking what we want to do...just expecting that we will cook and clean and provide the venue for family Christmas. 

We recently had to cancel a vacation because my mother fell ill and couldn't watch our teenagers while we were gone, and there was no way on earth we would ask "The Nazis" to help, as their assistance always comes with the steep price of their judgment, and constant need to criticize our life.  Mind you, we're successful, middle class people, but we don't attend church every Sunday, so they feel the need to save us.

Ugh.. no wonder my husband is a jerk.  He was raised by rotten people.


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1 Response Mar 18, 2009

Why is it that Christians seem to be the most judgemental people around?