I Have Moved From Hate It But Glad To Have It To Hate It And Have To Go!

Not sure how much more I will take. My boss has issues which I will just leave at that. One minute the world is a rosy place, she loves everyone, she is everyone's friend and all is well. Then without warning, she is storming around, berating people in front of everyone else, gossiping , which on it's own starts a multitude of problems, and pointing out every mistake anyone has made. The without notice, she is back to miss sweet again so your own emotions run the gamut daily.

It's a hard job to begin with physically and I am up to my limit with her behavior. Reporting it to anyone who could do anything is not an option in this situation.

I stayed for the same reasons others stay at jobs they dislike, they have to. I'm pretty much done though. I saw something last week that said "Every second that goes by is another chance for you to change your life" it hit home and if at all possible I am going to make the change.
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1 Response Sep 23, 2012

The message was providential. I hope your new job turns out well and your new boss is more even tempered.