I Think We Should Have A 4 Day Workweek.

I  just wanted to add another short blurb.  I think everyone would be happier with a shorter work week.  If we could somehow fix our economy so people could afford to live on 4 days worth of work, it would be excellent to switch to everyone having a typical 3 days off per week instead of 2.  Also, for the real workaholics who are very hardcore, the typical schedule being 2 days off a week instead of just one.  My stepdad for years has worked six day weeks, and he's a hardcore workaholic and all, but I think he'd be healthier and happier if he at least had 2 days to recover from work instead of just one.
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1 Response Jun 13, 2010

YES! YES! YES! I can agree more. I have been tyring to get my company to go for this but they would never do this in a million years. Not anything to put a smile on an employees face. they only wnat to do the opposite. This would make my life so much easier. I dont think there is a lot of production going on on MOndays or Fridays