What Do I Do When I Feel Like I Can't Do It Anymore?!?!

I don't know how I get through days at work. My job makes me so miserable. I hate it so much I can't even express it. I have so much going on in my life right now and I'm struggling just to keep my head above water. I dread going to work 24/7. I can't enjoy time off because I'm too busy dreading my next shift. I don't feel like I can do it. I always go, and I always hate it. I don't even know what to do. I have 15 minutes before I need to head to work for a long double, and I'm sick with dread and anxiety.
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4 Responses Jul 8, 2010

I feel the exact same way. I could have written the exact thing you wrote here. The dread is absolutely consuming. I'm sorry you have to endure this. I keep thinking that life is too short to have to deal with feeling this way all the time, but then I have to pay the bills and it makes me sad that I have to live with so much negativity about my job. I hope things get better for you soon.

i totally know how you feel, im saving to go travelling but i dont know how i can carry on in my job, im so miserable. i love my life outside of wrk, and i know there are always ppl worse off and i try not to think about it but they put so much pressure on me to get bussiness in and we dont even wrk on commission, i thought i was just an enquiry handler when i first started and after 3 months they said im an events planner and i hadnt done anything like it in my life i just needed some money for my trip and didnt want a serious job! they act like your stupid and put so much wrk on you that if you make a mistake they take it really serious. Oh god i hate it soooo much!! xxx so yes i know how you feel! xx

Time to get out of there..I really know what you mean. It's no way to live. That kind of misery and dread isn't foreign to me ..sucks the joy out of everything.

I felt the SAMMMMME exact way. I have social anxiety and had to quit my job. My anxiety consumed my life. I hated every moment of it. Do you have social anxiety or is it something else?