So Here's The Low-down...

I've been with this company for over two months now. I haven't written anything about this (or about anything really) in a long time because I've been busy. I'm now sitting in the break room at work, making time to write.

I got a job at this Toyota dealership from a family friend. The general manager of the dealership is my mother's best friend's husband. My mom was talking to her friend and mentioned that I needed a job, so she replied that her husband was hiring So he just let me come in, fill out an application, get a drug test and background check, and get hired immediately. No interview or anything.

So I started out as a lot porter. The first day of work, I followed around one of the other lot porters whom I was supposedly replacing because he was transferring to sales. He still hasn't transferred. Anyway, I didn't mind my job for the first couple weeks. I even enjoyed it sometimes. I eventually got word from one of my coworkers that I wasn't supposed to drive the new cars until I've worked here for 90 days. So basically, one of my main duties was taken away. However, there were other things to do. One of my coworkers would sometimes let me ride around with him and make deliveries. I also cleaned deliveries that came in, cleaned cars in the showroom, filled up bottles with cleaning supplies, kept the brochure rack full, tied balloons to cars, and my boss would sometimes have me staple packets together for the salesmen.

I'm working full-time though...40 hours a week. Within an eight-hour day, I run out of things to do. Having a limited amount of things to do, I couldn't stay busy all day. My coworkers began to resent me for this. I would get yelled at by them on a regular basis for riding the clock and wasting time. My girlfriend suggested that I talk to my boss about it and see how I could improve. I planned on doing this, but I kept procrastinating, wondering what I would say.

Yesterday we moved into a brand new building. After we were all moved in, the general manager (the family friend who hired me) called me back to his office. "I have a new job for you. You're going to be the interior cleanliness ambassador. You're responsible for keeping the inside the new building. Do you think you can do that for me?"

"Sure. Do you still want me to be a lot porter?" I asked.

"No, this is an inside job. All the lot porters are going to be jealous of your job."

I got to work, and everything began to sink in. I had been demoted. I was now a freaking JANITOR. As I mopped, swept, and vacuumed the floor, I felt like everyone was watching me and looking down on me, wishing I would get out of the way. I felt so humiliated and embarrassed. Somebody said as they walked by, "Good job, buddy." That certainly didn't help anything.

I left early without clocking out. I didn't clock in either, as I don't know where the time clock in this new building is. I still haven't clocked in today either. I don't want to talk to the manager and have to ask him. I haven't cleaned a thing yet today. I just want to leave and not come back, but I know that wouldn't look good on my resume. I don't know what I'm going to do. I'm using my iPhone to escape the problem now.

When I told my girlfriend about all this yesterday, she kind of overwhelmed me. As soon as I told her, she instantly began giving advice and constructive criticism rather than comforting me. That threw me off guard. Then she finally comforted me after that. I kind of wish it happened the other way around. I needed do get the emotions out of my system before I could think straight about what to do about it. Regardless she did give me some great support.

Part of me wants to get up and leave right now. However, my girlfriend is what keeps me going. I don't want to let her down. I want to be the strong man who she expects me to be. I don't need to quit this job until I can find a new one anyway. I have to keep making money so I can drive to see her whenever I want and take her on dates. I want to be the "knight in shining armor" that she claimed I was for her at the beginning of our relationship, but I don't feel like I am that anymore.

Well, I think I'll go ahead and start cleaning now and come back in a few to see if I have any comments or advice...
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3 Responses Jul 21, 2010

Nothing. It's just not right that he suddenly made me a janitor with no warning or explanation.

Thanks for the advice, SNS, but it's too late. I got fed up today and walked out. The manager called me later, and I informed him that I quit...

Oh.....well you can feel a bit better though knowing that the reason she was giving you all that advice was because she loves you and just wants to help, we're all human, and obtaining a title such as "girlfriend" doesn't automatically change a girl into "perfect woman." But yeah, I can see how if you were stressed and only needing to hear "I love you, it's ok!" that being overwhelmed with advice is NOT helpful but only stressful!!! Did you tell her this? <br />
<br />
Hmm ok, well here are some more thoughts and advice...if you quit make sure it's done the right way with notice so it won't look bad on your record, you know that though, but at least this job can go down on future resumes as experience, that counts for a lot. :) Yeah, they definitely just needed someone to be janitor and had to pick someone so it was you...definitely DO talk to your boss, just to find out exactly what's up, and don't be afraid to ask for your previous position back, I mean obviously be polite and everything, but yeah, that's kind of unfair of them it seems!! Do talk to him about your previous position and all the extra time that would come up, definitely explain to him that you don't want to, or intend to ride the clock!<br />
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And don't worry about having to be a knight in shining armor ALL the time, I am 100% sure that your girl loves you, for who you are, not because of some shiny armor, she loves you, with or without a job, but at the same time, that is really great sense of responsibility you have!! That's something many people would do well to find.