Pins And Needles

I work at a call center and we got this program where we have to talk to REALLY stupid people all day. I am talking people who do not know their own address or how to give an address properly, do not understand simple concepts or questions and you are forever repeating yourself to them. I ask them what state they are in and they give me their city, county, zip code, or even tell me "United States" ...anything but the friggin state! And then they get pissed and call YOU stupid because you can't understand their idiotic babble! It would not be so bad if it were only one person every so often but this is most of the people we talk to. I have worked there for over three years but I am afraid I will be fired soon because I get visibly frustrated with some of these idiots. I have not been written up for it yet, I recently had an evaluation that was good overall but I was told I needed to improve my attitude. I am trying but there is this one ***** in our leadership who is out to get anyone she can (you know the type) and I believe she is trying to nitpick my every action so she can get enough fodder to make me look incompetant at my job and get me fired. She recently asked everyone but me if their schedule would be changing in the fall and when I voluntarily told her about mine she juat responded with "Really..." Probably because if she can help it I will not be there in the fall. For all I know as soon as they finish training all the newbies we got and they find some of them are actually dependable they will kick me to the curb. This same chick also offers overtime to everyone but me and I have to tell her if I want it so she dosen't seem to want me working anymore hours than I have to. She should know by now I am willing to work overtime if it is offered! I cannot afford to be fired because my husband and I have bills to pay and who else is going to hire me if I do get fired for customer rudeness? Plus there are no other jobs in the area and the money I make there is decent. I am just so tired of being on pins and needles and having to watch my every move. Its exhausting.
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3 Responses Jul 29, 2010

I feel your pain. Don't you just hate when you ask what state they're in and they say something like "oh I'm in Plainfield"? Obviously "Plainfield" is not a state and in addition to that I'm sure that almost every dang state has a town called Plainfield so that doesn't help! I just want to reach through the phone and punch people sometimes! Anyway, yeah, they get you by paying pretty well and then they really know they have you by the proverbial balls when the economy is down and there aren't many other jobs available so they know they can treat you like crap and you can't quit... Obviously I'm going through the same thing. Ha... sorry - I didn't mean to hijack your post or anything. I hope a better job opens up for you soon!

Thanks. :-)

Ugh, sorry about that! Those phone jobs are completely brutal. Wish you the best of luck!