Looking For A Job

I hate having had the job of looking for work for over 2 yrs. I lost my freedom, I have debt people bothering me, I am a 99er so I can no longer get unemployment. For those who are struggling in your jobs, I would say to just be grateful that you have one. It may seem like we are just sitting around taking it easy but we are not. There are people about to lose their homes, have lost their homes and can't feed their families. Many of them are not deadbeats. They are people who were gainfully employed and had high positions in companies who are among those struggling.

You must find ways to keep your sanity on your job and just do the best that you can do.
Purehope Purehope
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6 Responses Aug 1, 2010

As they say, the grass is always greener in someone else's backyard. I have much to be grateful for as well that I don't always stop to consider.

I am sorry to hear about you. I pray you get one soon. I liked your advice and will try to stay happy with my pay check that comes in, even though it's not the job I always wanted.

@shybbw, I do understand what you're going through too. It's not right that people are being taken advantage of and I know I would be feeling as you are if I was working. In my last job, I was taken advantage of and the management allowed another employee to continue to harass me.

Thank you wiseowl!

Yes, finding a better job is outrageous. We are stuck in so many fields. Now my daughter is a nurse & can always find a job in a week.Others can't , no matter how hard they try. It's so sad and depressing on so many levels.Once it took me 8 months to get a job. That was a terrible time & I'll not forget it..EVER. I hope better times come your way soon.

I'm sorry that you're out of work and not able to find anything. And believe me I'm grateful to have a paycheck. But I'm not grateful to have an employer that has taken advantage of the bad economy by increasing workload by about 800% because they know people have nowhere else to go so they can't quit.