Retail Sucks

I really hate my job. Sometimes I am not sure what is worse, the stupid customers that expect me to know everything about everything on the sales floor or the managers who expect me to come in if my car happens to be broken... And I was told (This coming from the person who had her car break down because she did not get gas... and I was the one who gave her a lift.) "Well you shouldn't have taken your car in to get fixed" I sooo wanted to say yeah "Because I can get to work on fairy tears and the hopes of pink and blue squirrels".

It got worse because they had me in the back doing stock...with no heat during the recent cold chill. Added... I just got my teeth pulled and they expected me to stay extra with mouth pain? Really... I don't have anything positive to stay to that request.

Sooo I am pretty much looking for a new job as we speak. So they can send another poor sap to open their boxes before I do something bad by telling them where to stick them.

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5 Responses Feb 17, 2011

I work retail (hardware store) at the tail end of my career. I worked technical jobs and teaching for the most part, but the economy destroyed those, and I have a few years before I start collecting retirement.<br />
I just hate the idiots I have to deal with. And the rich idiots are the worst of all. Where do I start:<br />
1. The guy who is rich enough to own a yacht, but ******* about the price of a stainless steel screw.<br />
2. The person who couldn't describe to you what he/she wants (even if their life depended on it), but they can (and do) go on endlessly about what they don't like about the things you suggest.<br />
3. The person who comes into the store with a sales flier that is either a week before or after the sale, and then gets upset when you don't give them a special deal.<br />
4. The lumber yard in our town closed two years ago. We now stock "basic" lumber items to help out the local people. How do they show their gratitude? By bitching about us not carrying 12 foot drywall, truckloads of insulation, etc. Sorry folks, we don't have the room to be a fully stocked lumber yard. Be happy with what we have.<br />
5. And finally, the company itself, who sends out glitzy national sales fliers with great buys on really good stuff. Then they send each store 4 or 5 of the most popular items! They sell out by noon on Friday, so that the sales force gets to spend the rest of the weekend telling customers that we are out of whatever they came in for.

Join the club:<br />

Do you want to be a cook? Maybe you could just ask someone at a restaurant about how to work as a cook. Do you want to open your own restaurant or bakery?

Yes! Retail is veeeery boring... even more so when the store is empty. I'm looking for a better paying retail job. Gonna try to go back to school for cooking. Haha if I could find motivation I would try to write something.

I totally understand. Retail is soooo boring. "Fairy tears and the hopes of pink and blue squirrels" sounds creative. What sort of job are you looking for right now? <br />
<br />
Good luck to you.