Good Ol' Boy Politics In The Workplace

My job is not glamorous or beneficial to mankind. I work in a gas station that is located in the tiny southern town I inhabit as of the moment. Or the 7th Circle Of Hell- whichever you prefer. I have been known to get the two confused.

Because of the town I live in being a "rabid right-wing conservative" area, many of the jobs one can attain in this town are only attainable by "knowing someone" who already works there, or knowing the manager/owner/whatever. It's "good-ol'-boy" politics at their finest. People here are close-minded, judgmental, and they do not operate under the same rules as the rest of the country, it would seem.

There is favoritism here that runs rampant, nepotism, old-fashioned racism, and even class separation and white-bread snobbery. I'm stuck here because of monetary reasons (lack of), and every day it eats me alive. This job smothers me. I'm thankful to have one, but some day I hope and pray that I can find a job that operates under the general rule that if you do a good job, you advance and are appreciated- regardless of whether or not you know someone or aren't white and middle-class.
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I lived in a small town in North Carolina for a few years and understand exactly what you are talking about. Looking around that little I came to the conclusion that Hell is full and the dead are walking to earth.<br />
All I can tell you is to live like a dog for two, six, 10 months, and save every penny you can until you can move out of the area.<br />
Good Luck

I'm working currently on saving money in order to move. I have some well-laid plans and I'm trying to be positive, but who knows what will happen? I have a lot on my plate...

I wish you luck and please let me know how things turn out

Like you say "at least you have a job" but yes it's no fun doing something you no longer enjoy. Same here in the UK but I have found new doors do open if you take a training course and get new skills. Is there anything that would interest you to learn and help in your job hunting? Otherwise could you move to an area where there are more opportunities?