I Hate My Job , So Much!

I work in a resturant, as an assistant manager. I have been working at the same place for over 5 years, and worked my way up to where Im at now. There is more than possibilities for me to further my career there. But I get mad when I see the building. I dont like what I do at all. Everyday I try to make everyone happy and help everyones problems. But it is getting harder everyday to make everyone happy ,when I am so unhappy. I knoe this is not what I am going to do for the rest of my life. I dont know what I want to do. Im lost and very confused.

I graduated high school, did some college and did not like it, never really like school. I enjoy anything new and excited, I love anything dealing with the arts. Vooking, painting, photography, singing(if I could sing), theatre. But I dont see my self having and paying career in these fields.
jessicawillis jessicawillis
1 Response Aug 4, 2011

Dear Jessica,<br />
Hi, I completely hear you. I come from a family of doctors, very educated people. In my late teens I kept giving up all of the things I loved... piano, guitar, gymnastics, writng, dance because the things I was passionate about would not provide me with a paying career. I instead became a doctor myself to find out 7 years later that life is not great when you're not passionate about what you do. Don't get me wrong, I love my patients, i've just decided my work has to be travelling to third world countries to provide care as opposed to being in the same dark room every day. The problem with that is that it won't pay the bills either. Don't give up on what you love and don't settle for what you don't love. The wonderful reality of our day and age is this... the economy has moved on and it's not coming back. We're in the information age, and that means there are ways to make money without trading your time for it so you can focous your time on the things you love. Im talking about residual income. It comes in many forms, real estate, network marketing, internet marketing (if you have no money to put down) and all things that you build once but receive payment for over and over again. I would recommend reading the book 'Rich Dad Poor Dad' by Robert Kiyosaki before moving on to anything else. Your eyes will be opened to a whole new world. (makes me wonder why i went to school for so long) I've chosen a method of residual income that allows me to write about whatever i want (but pays me even if i dont write anymore)... and in a few months, i should be well on my way to helping those people in third world countries or retiring as i please. Trust me, read that book and if you like to write at all, let me know and i'll show you whats worked for me.