7th Month In Hell

It is the 7th month I've been working in this office. I hate people around tending to make a fuss out of nothing, not to mention tons of others who are plain useless but pretend to be working hard when the supervisors are around. The only reason I'm still staying here now is that I'm afraid this 7-month experience which is short in employers' eyes would hurt my CV. But then again, I know I'll end up in another dead end if I quit now because sooner or later I'll be in another boring job dealing with office politics and super boring stuff.
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2 Responses Feb 8, 2012

This is my seventh month in hell too. at first i stuck around coz i was sure it would get better but it hasnt. In fact it keeps getting ****** every day. Its like these people are conspiring to drive me insane, the day i live this job i will drink like its my birthday

I've finally made it through my 10th month here... the last three months were still like hell.. i kept telling myself that it was gonna work out, but apprently it hasn't been alright since day one. i'm pretty sure i'm gonna quit - perhaps in August; if not i'll see if I could endure till the end of the year, but definitely not long - this "proposed" timeline makes me feel a little better being here dealing with all this **** stuff and people. hang in there, 7 months in hell is one big achievement that you should really be proud of. i'll celebrate with champagne and cakes when i quit!

I have been in boring ofice jobs for 30 years, it doesn't get any better, it's the same everywhere you go. Stupis people, stupid work, stupid politics. Stay put, keep your head down, focus on your work and shut out the rest..