Every Single Thing About It

I am embarrassed by what I do - when people ask me I lie.

I hate the company I work for - there is nothing about it that I respect.

I work my arse off to make money for the investors in the company and there is no return to society by them.

I will leave as soon as i can find another job and the 'hold' period is over

I hate that I continuously have to reduce my team's headcount and I have to impact people's lives - especially when they are good performers

So - for me - this group says it exactly right.

DumbLondoner DumbLondoner
51-55, M
4 Responses Mar 21, 2012

That sucks! Hope you find something soon

I hate my job too. Working with anal people that have no life dont get what they want but are perfectionists here. They make life miserable for many people and no reason for it. They make **** up in their mind and people get into trouble for it. I cant believe some companies and who they leave in charge. They are pigs, lazy and I have to do this until I die? (work) Give us all a break man. Your at their mercy I never smile and never talk to anyone because as soon ad you do there is trouble. A bunch of adults acting like schoolyard bullies. Wish I had stayed in college there is nothing out there. Same circus different tent. Its real sad. And then Monday it starts all over again.


I HATE my job too. I feel like they are conspiring to drive me insane. It just gets shittier and shittier everyday. I am literally hanging to a string and I just keep getting pulled and pulled and pulled.

I am sorry that you have it too - it is horrible

It's a shame that you are forced to do such an awful job.