Hate My Job? Me? Never!

I mean, what's there to hate??? My job is great. Endless hours on the phone explaining to somebody that we're not gonna buy from them because they suck. Sensible, hourlong discussions about a decision that has already been made and is in effect. Wonderful, enlightening meetings of discussing the quality of pencils or the procedure on how to buy toner cartridges. Time-consuming attendances of trade shows for biodegradeable office supplies, like this new pen, carefully crafted from 3 pounds of the finest dog poo in the city. Complicated procedures of getting all sorts of certifications nobody really needs but management wants to have. Working with highly skilled and intelligent people who know exactly what they are doing. Having a supervisor who will praise the team effort when you did a good job but will point the blame at you when he ***** up. "Standing trial" in front of the board of directors because of a deal going bad (because they again didn't manage to get their John Hancocks on a piece of paper in time). Arguing with accounting about what the item you ordered is used for (It's a safe. Of course I'm using it as my personal fridge for my lunch. What else would you be using it for?). Discussions with revision and compliance about the amount of pencils used per anno (Why yes, of course I am eating them. Believe it or not, but they are great on toast). Arguing with a manager that the defect of his black berry is not covered in the warranty if he has a temper tantrum and decides to throw it out of the 6th floor - window or down the elevator shaft.

Yes, I do not hate my job. What's to hate, really? It's full of suprises and challenges.

If you haven't noticed the sarcasm... Well, then there's really nothing I can do for you...
Kletti Kletti
1 Response May 11, 2012

This was highly entertaining. I think I'd rather contemplate the quality of pencils rather than working as a slave in my current job, asking people if they like mayo or mustard on their subs, & picking tomatoes off the subs at the request of the customer because they are too ripe, or not ripe enough....not to mention, when going to job interviews, they just don't seem overly thrilled to hire a deli specialist...