Whats The Next Step?

so i got ok grades at school and i always wanted to go to uni but when i finished school i decided to take a year out to decide what i wanted to do. worse decision of my life so far!!

i got a ****** got in factory my thinking was easy job easy money to save up for uni but in fact i met people there who became good friends i wasted my money of clothes partying and generaly wasting my wage on alot of nothing. i got use to the money i moved out with a friend and carried on partying.

two years later i went to college but i still didnt know what i wanted to do so my advisor but me on a corse that i realy wasnt interested in so i left. i travelled for a couple of months which was amazing but money ran out and i had to come back to my crappy job.

after that ive been in this job another three years doing the same thing working and partying im in such a rutt and after trying alot and failing alot ive decided this is it! its time to sort myself out the only problem is i STILL dont know what it is i want to do its soooo infuriating i dont really have many interests i could turn into a career and even if i did i just keep thinking i carnt do it. ive been out of education for 6 years and i really feel like im too dumb to do anything now.

getting a better job is hard when all you have done is work in a brain dead factory for a long time, i know im smarter than this and i want to challange myself but maybe its too late and i should just accept that this is all im going to do. i feel so lost its driving me crazy all my want and drive and ambition has gone leaving me an insecure dumb loser with a job i hate but its easier to just plod along,

i wish i was one of them people who just knew what they wanted to do :(

my name realy does say it all
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1 Response May 13, 2012

Work out what you want by making a list of what you don't want....it worked for me after the same sort of start as you have made.