Yes! I'm Freeeeeee! :d

I had an job interview today. It was to do exactly what I'm already doing and within the same industry, but for more money, in a nicer place with better benefits/training and a boss that doesn't want rip out my throat and dance in my blood. Thank fook!


I start my new job in two weeks time and I'm already thinking about what spectacular things I'm going to do on my last day to give a give two-fingers-up to my horrendous boss! Unfortunately, I probably won't be able to actually act on any of them because then I'll receive a really ****** reference which could jeopardize my new job, but it's certainly fun to imagine.

Freedom has never felt so truly, truly sweet. And the best part is, my friend (who has had problems getting a job) has asked if she can go for my old job and for me to put a good word in for her. Obviously, I've warned her that it's a soul-destroying cesspool of hate and loathing, but if I can help out a friend in the process as well, I'm happy to do so!

I'm. So. Happy!!!!!!!!
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1 Response May 18, 2012

Congratulations. My job is also the same thing as my last, only much better because of the nicer colleagues, higher pay, a manager that calls me a natural. In your face ex-boss! She gave me the boot, saying I wasn't good enough for her, and I slowed the team down when I was new with hardly any experience. I was so upset. I worked with a really b!tchy group of women who seemed to nit pick at every little thing I did wrong. I hope it works out for you. I was worried about getting a horrible reference too, but it turned out ok.

Aw thanks hun. I'm glad things worked out for you and that you're enjoying it at your new company. :)
Man it feels good to stick it to my stupid boss! Who knows? In the next five years, we might be running the place. Relieved to hear that all went well with your reference as well, as that's something I've been worrying about. With any luck though, mine will work out like yours did.