Just Got A Disciplinary...

My disgusting excuse for a boss, Mrs.P has just seen fit to give me a disciplinary for having more than 3 sickness absences in 6 months. Even though I was absolutely furious about being given the hearing, I thought of it as an opportunity to explain as best I could and maybe even make the best of the situation by making people more informed about my medical condition (I suffer from frequent migraines and cluster headaches).

So, I found documentation on all the symptoms (in case she didn't understand exactly what I was going through), cross-referenced them with the symptoms I personally suffer from each time, the frequency and severity of the attacks and even legislation from the Equality Act 2010 showing that what I have is technically classed as a moderate disability. This would be my ace in the hole, as giving me a disciplinary for a disability would be discriminating against disabled people and I could then sue.

The meeting began and I gave Mrs.P all my documentation, explained as best I could and tried to get her to empathize. She wasn't budging on the subject and I was forced to pull out my ace in the hole. She would have used it as toilet paper before she would have accepted it as my defence and in true Mrs.P style, told me without even a second glance that the outcome was a verbal warning and that if I had one more sick day in six months, she'd dismiss me.

Just like that! No investigatory prep, no questions, no empathy - just done like that! She said that I could appeal the decision with a member of staff if I didn't agree with it, but the member of staff she gave me to appeal to happens to be her bezzie mate, lesbian lover, *** ******* Stepford wife friend. So, I pretty much have given up on the idea of appealing the decision.

Mrs.P can suck on a pair of saggy *** cheeks though, as tomorrow I have an interview for somewhere else and I have a particularly good feeing about it. I'm getting out of this hellhole as soon as humanly possible! And on my way out, I'm going to walk past Mrs.P's mercedes, take out my house keys and scratch a big fat '**** YOU' into the bonnet.

I think that might cheer me up.
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Yet they'd say not a word if you got pregnant and had to take maternity leave (or would they)?<br />
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It's the same where I work - maternity leave, okay, more than a few absences over a few months for any other reason, it's "bring in a doctor's note explaining why you have to be absent so much" and it's the bosses watch everything you do like a hawk.<br />
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Not speaking from personal experience - I take the least amount of sick leave in the office. Just hate the unfairness - you get a pass if you pop out a kid every 15 months, but really for nothing else.

They're not even that generous about maternity leave to be honest. They'll kick up a stink about all the wrong things. There's one lady with the company on long term sick who's been off for almost two years now, even though they're only supposed to cover six months! Makes no sense whatsoever....

that sucks are you possibly looking for another job

it doesn't cost you anything to report her to the EEOC or ESC or department of labor. i agree, you should ask your HR dept about FMLA. that protects your job.

Wow....that sucks man. Maybe u need to work on getting fmla!?!?!?