Well basically at work I am the receptionist/office person. And in all honesty I am tired of being nothing more than a piece of furniture that people only talk to when they want something. I am friendly and talk to everyone and listen to them all babble on about their crap, ex-husbands, kids, health issues, home life blah blah blah. But it seems when I want to talk about something no one listens. A lot of people here only talk to me when they want something and just ignore me the rest of the time. Like last week someone came whinging to me that their car park pass wasn't working. I sorted it all out (turned out to be an error on HER part) and organised free parking for her that day. No thank you. Then one of the lights in the toilets wasn't working. I reported it to maintenance several times. People kept saying when is it going to be fixed. I got it fixed, no thank you. In fact now people are whinging that the light is too bright! I just want to scream in frustration!!!!
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I can relate to this ma'am, believe me. I can't count all the times my stepmother would come home almost in tears for getting paid next to nothing to deal with rude coworkers and snappy clients as a legal assistant. She did this for nine years and finally quit the other week, and now I'm seeing maybe just a portion of that working at Checkers; rude customers, lazy coworkers. You're not alone.